With Marijuana Ban Enforcement Expected To Be Back, What Of Online Gambling?

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With Marijuana Ban Enforcement Expected To Be Back, What Of Online Gambling?

A month after Trump’s inauguration, his administration seems to talk tough on recreational use of marijuana in the U.S.

Because of the way his administrations handles issues, many people are wondering how things will be with the gambling industry especially making real money online casino gambling sites, which Donald has been a shareholder for many years.

Market observers assert that with the new administration in force, there will be hard times ahead with regard to the use of marijuana. Click here to claim the latest no deposit casino bonus codes.

Sean Spicer, White House’s Press Secretary issued a stun warning this week saying that Trump’s administration will not ‘seat on the fence’ as Americans engage in the outright use of marijuana.

Spicer said that he is expecting a ‘greater enforcement’ that will be done on marijuana’s federal ban. He argued that at no time the administration he supports will condone what the former administration allowed.

His warning was directed to the eight U.S. states that have for a long time decriminalized marijuana use saying that it is only for recreational purposes.

Many people especially gaming developers are apprehensive. They argue that Spicer’s warning may have a profound effect on online gaming. With this hard start on recreational use of marijuana, they believe that things might turn out to be hard for online gambling.

The Press Secretary said that it is time people know what it means to use marijuana as a recreational substance and its effects.

“There exists a big difference that people need to know between how marijuana is used medically and how it is used for recreational purposes. When people start to use marijuana for recreational purposes, there is a likelihood of blossoming a generation that is addicted to the substance. That is the last thing any serious administration will encourage its citizens to do. We cannot do that,” Spicer said.

The Press Secretary maintained that the current federal law on recreational substances of any nature should be followed. Find out if The US States That Have Legalized Marijuana Be The Next To Make Internet Gambling Legal?

Relaxed Pot Laws

Although the federal law is bound, during the Obama administration, the law seemed to be relaxed, allowing many people to engage in the use of marijuana even if it was a total violation of the federal law.

It should be remembered that it was during Obama’s administration in 2014, when DEA was banned from the use of federal funds in a bid to pursue marijuana operations.

Because of the federal ban’s relaxation on the proper use of marijuana, a number of states found a loophole to legalize the use of marijuana medically as well as for recreational purposes.

Obama administration has also been blamed for the legalization of online casino business and poker gaming in Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey thanks to his lenience on the 2011 Federal Wire Act.

The two examples indicate that because there is a different government in place, which is not friendly to Obama’s, it might come in as a force to turn all that the former administration condoned.

U.S Attorney Speaks Tough

Jeff Sessions’ words on marijuana are not to be taken for granted. When asked who smokes marijuana, Sessions’ answer was clear.

“No good person will smoke marijuana,” he said. The U.S. Attorney has also confirmed that after doing a careful scrutiny, he will make his mind clear on the 2011 FWA.

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