Why I Did Not ‘Publicly’ Endorse Donald Trump During Campaigns, Steve Wynn

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Republican National Committee chair billionaire Steve Wynn has revealed why he did not lend his hand to President Trump at a time the President of the U.S. needed him most.

During the heated campaigns, Wynn did not at any time speak whether secretly or publicly that he supported Trump as was the norm with other business moguls from other industries.

This week, Steve revealed that his properties in Macau could not allow him to either publicly or privately endorse the then Republic presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

However, it has also emerged that Steve Wynn of the famous Wynn Casino Resorts, was not the only one who did not show to the public that he endorsed Donald.

Others, who supported Trump’s then candidature, include Sheldon Adelson, Carl Icahn, and Phil Ruffin.

Although these gaming industry notable billionaires did not announce their support for President Trump in public, they gave him all the support they had.

In fact, some even sacrificed their business by placing millions of dollars in jeopardy. Thankfully, their candidate now sits in the Oval Office.

Speaking to one radio early today, Wynn said that deep in his heart and in private, he gave Trump all the esteem and wished he would be elected U.S. president.

However, Steve said that his business would not allow him to publicly announce his support for Donald.

“I was interested in my gaming facilities in Macau and any endorsement especially the public endorsement would put all those interests in jeopardy,” said Wynn.

Wynn said that by not publicly supporting Donald Trump, it did not mean that he did not back him locally.

“In fact, I would prefer Donald to any other person. But because I’m in business with Macau, I would not risk it. More than 20, 000 employees depend on me inside China and I also respect the Chinese government a lot. I believe prudence was needed thus I decided that I stay away from the fire at least for some time,” Wynn added.

Steve Wynn has made real money online casino gambling sites in Macau a big industry that has absorbed almost 30, 000 people from the local community.

His public support for Trump’s candidature would invigorate diplomacy row, which at that time would lead to serious troubles especially to foreign investors.

Even worse were Trump’s repeated remarks that China has for a long time taken advantage of U.S’s relaxed business policies.

Although Wynn, who was expected to publicly announce his support for Trump, discreetly endorsed Donald, another friend and fellow business mogul gave much support.

Together with his wife, Adelson injected more than $30 billion in aid of Donald Trump’s campaigns.

Like Steve Wynn, Adelson has gaming complexes in Macau. Contrary to the public opinion that the Chinese authority would be angered if foreigners who invest in Macau supported Donald, Adelson’s gaming business still thrives in that Eastern country.

More Work For Wynn

Although he did not publicly endorse Trump during the 2016 campaigns, Wynn was appointed RNC chair by Donald.

He is supposed to use his position to try and consolidate funds that would be needed for presidential campaigns in 4 years’ time.

Expressing his optimism for Trump’s administration, Wynn said that he sees good things in Trump because the president is likely to reduce the number of regulations that have been a burden to U.S businesses.

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