Las Vegas Casinos On The Way To Getting Modern Video Gaming Machines

Las Vegas On The Way To Getting Modern Video Gaming Machines

Sin City is likely to embrace modern video gaming machines soon. Many people are saying that whether the video machines are called Pharaoh’s Secret Temple or Danger Arena, they are likely to fill gaming complexes in the near future.

The type of video games that will be in most gaming resorts in Sin City and Las Vegas in general are those that will enable gamblers to use their gaming prowess to navigate through the game.

Skill-based video machines have in recent days gained popularity in major gaming cities across the world.

With skill-based video gaming machines, many resorts will make real money online casino gambling sites a fortune.

Las Vegas resorts would be expecting games such as Danger Arena, and Nothing But Net.

GameCo. Inc., who are so far the largest makers of skill-based gaming machines have been authorized to produce video machines that resonate with players’ thirst for gambling.

According to a review journal in Las Vegas, the company has been accredited by Gaming Laboratories International to install video gaming machines in resorts throughout Sin City.

However, the company is only awaiting the approval by the Gaming Control Board of Nevada.

If the company receives the approval from the board of gaming in Nevada, then industry developers as well as gamblers should expect the skill-based gaming machines in various gaming facilities not later than July 2017. Skill Gaming Machines Gain Entrance In US Land-Based Casinos.

Although GameCo. Inc is a New York based company, the machines are assembled and assorted in Las Vegas. The company’s CEO, Blaine Graboyes said that their aim is to ensure that skill-based machines reach as many people as possible and have a wider presence even worldwide.

Currently, GameCo. Inc. is working towards getting a presence permit in Connecticut. If granted, it will increase the presence of the gaming accessory company closer to the state’s gaming developers.

Rolling In Atlantic City

Three gaming facilities owned by Caesars in Atlantic City and The Tropicana have modern skill-based video gaming machines installed. They have had the machines since October 2016. Other resorts in New Jersey will have the machines installed soon according to the casinos’ management.

According to market observers, it is not easy to lure people who are below 30 years to a gaming floor. Most people between 20 and 30, would prefer to go partying with friends in a shopping mall, pool parties, and clubs rather than entering a casino.

Most millennials are a hard to persuade. Casinos Book Hipper Concerts To Attract Millennials

In a recent market survey conducted in Las Vegas, it was found out that the percentage of those who visited gaming resorts declined from 87% in 2006 to approximately 71% eight years later in 2014.

Millennials comprise the largest percentage of those that does not visit gaming resorts.

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