Munsee Native American Indian Tribe Says No Payment Of $1 Million To Wisconsin

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Munsee Native American Indian Tribe Says No Payment Of $1 Million To Wisconsin


The Munsee Native Indian Tribe, a Native tribal group in Wisconsin has maintained that it will not turn in the $1 million it owes the state.

Although there are many days before the deadline, which is approaching fast, the tribal group says that it is not to make any payments to the state.

The reason for Munsee Indian Tribe holding back what rightly belongs to the state is attributed to an expansion proposal by a neighboring tribe.

Munsee Indian Tribe feels that if the casino expansion proposal is effected by the neighboring tribe, they will not make real money online casino gambling sites a better deal.

Whether there is a reason to be scared of the project or not, nothing seems to stop the other tribe from going forward with their project. If you find this interesting you may find the article Seminole Tribe Rejects Two Florida Gambling Bills interesting as well.

Ho-Chunk Nation is planning to expand their gaming business by constructing a gaming facility in Wittenberg, which is approximately 15 miles away.

If the casino is finally built, it will bring unhealthy competition according to Indian Tribe.

Because of that reason alone, they feel that giving away $1 million at a time the new facility will be constructed, will jeopardize their revenue collection a big way.

Speaking on the efforts the tribe has made in order to try and stop the expansion, Shannon Holsey, who is the president of the Munsee Tribal Council said, “Over a long period of time, we have put the necessary effort in a bid to solve these issues amicably. As things are, we are now forced to try other legal means that are provided in the constitution in order to protect the lives of more than 1,200 of our members, local organizations as well as hundreds of our employees whose lives depend on our support.”

Holsey added that if he doesn’t fight for his people, it is useless that he was elected president of the council.

“I’d rather resign than sit as my people are oppressed,” Holsey said.

For a long time, customer competition is an endless problem. It is so fierce that any serious gaming company would do whatever legitimate possible to attract and retain clients.

Authorities are aware of this perennial situation in Wisconsin, something that has caused Governor Scott Walker, who is a Republican sleepless nights.

Expansion Will Devastate Situation

The two gaming resorts are only 30 minutes drive from each other and any effort to expand any of the gaming facilities means that they will battle for the small number of clients that visit the resorts.

If Ho-Chunk Resort finally expands the facility according to their plan that will make the aggregate number of slot machines jump to about 800.

They also have a plan to expand other amenities such as restaurants which will accommodate 84 seats, a bar and a hotel with 86 rooms.

With all these amenities, the Munsee Indian Tribe will be left behind thus little revenue will be left for them. That is the reason why the tribe feels justified to withhold the state’s $1 million.

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