You’re Fired, Trump’s Words To Preet Bharara After His Failure To Step Down?

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Preet Bharara, the ousted federal prosecutor is the man who changed how online gambling should be done across the U.S.

But now that the U.S. attorney is not leaving office, Trump does not have anything to do with Mr. Bharara.

Bharara was last weekend removed from his position by U.S President Donald Trump after the failing to resign of U.S attorney.

He is remembered for his work in the way he changed how poker game should be done, something that is enjoyed by a majority of poker players since he initiated it in 2011.

Now that he is no longer in office, he is out to look for a job. Many people are wondering where Bharara will finally land after many years in the gaming industry and with many years of experiences as a ‘Black Friday Prosecutor’.

Over the years, Mr. Bharara has been associated with terminologies such as Wall Street prosecutor, Wall Street crusader who did not tolerate any immoral behavior that is associated with politicians and business people.

Sadly, his role as a New York law enforcer came to an abrupt end over the weekend. Trump’s administration had to cancel his contract.

Before his ouster from office, the news U.S. attorney had issued an order directing that all attorneys that were appointed and served during the last democratic regime resign voluntarily, an order Mr. Bharara defied.

On realizing that Bharara still holds the position of attorney in SDNY, Sessions, the U.S. Attorney gave another order to ask him to resign with immediate effect, which he did.

After his resignation, Bharara took it to Twitter to say how he was honored to serve.

“I did not do what I have done voluntarily. I was fired moments later. But I must confess that serving as an attorney of SDNY was a great honor of my life. It will be something that will remain in books of history forever,” Bharara twitted.With Marijuana Ban Enforcement Expected To Be Back, What Of Online Gambling?

Days after Donald took oath of office; he confirmed to Bharara that he will remain the attorney for SDNY. But that is not the case now. A few days after assuming power, Jeff said he will do a complete overhaul of the legal systems in the U.S. precisely the attorneys.

True to his words, he wrote to 46 attorneys across the U.S asking them to hand in their resignation letters voluntarily.

From Attorney To Looking For Job

Bharara, like any other ambitious leader had done a lot in the gaming industry, when he ensured that there was real money online casino gambling sites.

Upon realizing his zeal, former U.S president Obama appointed Bharara the SDNY attorney.

In what was seen by many as the proper use of his new position, in April 15, 2011, Mr. Bharara together with the Justice Department conducted a massive freeze of Absolute Poker, Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars, an even that brought sanity to online gambling.

But now that he is no longer the SDNY attorney, many are asking, will he head back to gaming industry?

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