Two Casino Projects Rejected In Tunica Mississippi By Gaming Commission As Section Feels Happy

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Two Casino Projects Rejected In Tunica Mississippi By Gaming Commission As Section Feels Happy

This might be a bad week for a section of Mississippi residents and developers.

It has emerged that the gaming commission is not convinced with any endeavor to construct two Mississippi casino gaming facilities in the area.

According to the body that is mandated to oversee and regulate how gaming should be done in the state, the sites where the said gaming facilities would be constructed does not meet the required threshold.

The commission, which is made up of three members, rejected the casino expansion proposal without giving details why they did so. FBI Apprehends 11 People Alleged To Be Part of the 21 Practicing Money Laundery Business.

Al Hopkins, and Jerry Griffith are two of the three members who make up the board that decides who and how gaming is conducted in Mississippi.

Although many people are unhappy about the board’s decision, there are a few who feel that it is a good decision, which will help not only the residents but even people outside the state.

Making real money online casino gambling sites a number one revenue booster would be a dream now that the board has dismissed operators bid to establish gaming facilities.

Residents of Diamondhead and those of Biloxi, are pissed off after news that they will not see gaming resorts at their respective areas.

On what ha seen by many as scheme to deny the community the right to quench their gaming thirst, MGC met in private.

For the 90 or so minutes the board met in order to deliberate on whether or not to grant the two areas permission to go on with their projects, nothing fruitful to the people was reached.

Instead, the commission agreed with one accord that the two sites did not meet the threshold thus will not be granted the right to establish gaming facilities. Besides, there was no further explanation that was issued by the commission that would site on the reason for their rejection.

Possible Reason

Although the gaming commission did not at any point give out its reason for rejecting the proposal, some market observers and residents, believe that Diamondhead’s gradient and location might be one of them. Besides, the area is very far from the waters.

This might be in relation to a gambling law in Mississippi that talks of a gaming resort ‘touching the waters’. If that is the case, there is no possible way that Diamondhead would be granted opportunity to set up a gaming facility.

However, some assert that the reason might be different because after the 2005 Hurricane Katrina incident; the law on gaming resorts touching the waters was no longer as strong as previous years.

Lawmakers in Mississippi saw it fair that after the Hurricane Katrina, some casinos would be granted permission to build a relative distance from the shore. However, hitherto, there is no law that speaks of how ‘relative distance’ can be defined.
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