FBI Agents Raid Best Sunshine Gaming Facility

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FBI Agents Raid Best Sunshine Gaming Facility

Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), this week made a surprise raid in Imperial Pacific offices, the operator of Best Sunshine Casino.

The island of Saipan, this week witnessed what it has never seen for decades when a father and son, who is a casino mogul was visited by FBI agents who wanted to investigate an incident.

According to local media houses, FBI agents were on operation on the island when they just descended to the live casino demanding a probe.

Local radios, televisions and newspapers said that the operation last for several hours of the day on Thursday.

Although the reason for the probe and raid by the agents was not immediately reported by those media, there is a likelihood that it has to do with revenue collection.

The Sunshine Live Casino has made real money online casino gambling sites a popular way of making revenue but the amount that is paid as tax has been the question by the Treasury.

Last year alone, Saipan, a U.S. territory that is located approximately 1,600 miles from the Philippines, recorded a high number of international tourists.

In fact, according to tourism experts and a section of financial observers, the number of tourists who checked in that territory surpassed what most visited places like Macau.

With over 40, 000 foreigners checking in as tourists each year, many social amenities are bound to make a lot of money. It should be on this note that the American government knows that Live Sunshine Casino should be making a fortune from the investment.

However, the amount of what is reported as revenue collection does not resonate with the actual figures of visitors who check in every year. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why the gaming facility was raided by the agents.

Besides, in 2016, it was reported that the amount of revenue that was collected daily from the VIP sector in Sunshine Live Casino was approximately 8 times more than the renowned Macau VIP lounge could collect each day.

According to Bloomberg, the amount of money made from the gaming facility each day is far much than those from other reputable gaming facilities.

“Even if you talked of the 16 VIP tables, the resort collects twice as much as what Wynn Resorts would collect with its 20-storey and magnificent facilities,” Bloomberg said.

Even as the company makes money that is not seen by those that want tax, there are other plans to expand their investment. Just this year, the company announced that was constructing another resort, Grand Mariana Hotel in Saipan.

Whether it will pay tax then or it will wait for another raid nobody knows.

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