Hard Rock Casino Finds Itself Pressed On Whether To Bring Back Local 54 Workers

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Hard Rock Casino Finds Itself Pressed On Whether To Bring Back Local 54 Workers

Operators of the new Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City have found themselves pressed too hard to the corner to the point that they have been unable to decide whether or not to allow back the workers union that took part in a strike when the casino was under a different owner.

It should be remembered that Hard Rock Hotel is the new establishment that was formerly owned by Donald Trump’s friend. Then, the facility was referred to as Trump Taj Mahal.

It is during this time that workers union, called Local 54 took part in a strike over their pay resulting in the falling apart of the Union Workers and their employer Carl Icahn.

Although some time has elapsed, the Local 54 now want their work back. The workers group does not seem to care whether Icahn is the still the owner of the gaming facility or it was sold to a new boss.

It is as if they are not interested in knowing the new owner. All they need is their dues and work. They claim that they have not been able to get a job and now that Hard Rock Hotel is functional, they don’t see the reason why they cannot get their respective ‘positions’ back.

When asked why he had to finish with the Local 54 without agreement, Icahn said that employees wanted more than he could possibly offer.

However, financial observers and other stakeholders believe that Icahn could not make real money online casino gambling sites, something that prompted him to give out the property thus incurring a loss of nearly $350 million.

Hard Rock Hotel are planning to use a whooping $375 million to renovate what was once called Donald’s brand, the Trump Taj Mahal.

After using such a huge amount of money, they new management says it will plan to open the resort to the public before the end of 2018.

They are however not certain on what they can do with the workers union who now seem to stop at nothing until they each receive their respective positions back saying that they were unfairly treated by the former employer and that they were never informed of the selling of the hotel.

Hope For Local 54

The hotel, which was purchased by Jack Morris, Joe Jingoli and Hard Rock International for an amount that was never disclosed say that they will consider the union’s pleas.

Through their chairman, Jim Allen, Hard Rock International said, “We’re committed to working with the workers of Local 54.”

Currently, Hard Rock Casino management is contemplating hiring some 1,000 construction workers on a temporal contract. Upon completion, they will however need to fill about 3, 000 permanent vacancies. This is what the Local 54 are asking.

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