Hangover In The Proposed Massachusetts Casino Extension Of Liquor License

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Hangover In The Proposed Massachusetts Casino Extension Of Liquor License

A liquor license extension in Massachusetts’ casinos is causing anxiety among casino operators as well as lawmakers who seem not to know who the author of the proposal is.

What is even causing more drama is that no one has said where the proposal came from. No investor, stakeholder or representative seems to have a clue about the person behind the idea to allow facilities extend their liquor license to around 4am.

It sounds a shocker to Stan Rosenberg, the Senate President who is well known that he does not support the idea of taking or selling of liquor products until those early hours of the day.

Because the only gaming facility in the State that is currently in operation is Plainridge Park, it raises concerns over who could be willing for the extension of the liquor license and with what aim. Many operators who in other parts of the world demand for the extension of their liquor licenses because they either want to make real money online casino gambling sites a fortune or just want entertain their clients.

But now, there is only one facility, which began operations in 2015 that offers slots.

Efforts to find the management of Plainridge Park in order to shed some light on the matter bore some fruit when a member of the executive who sought anonymity confirmed that they are contented with the current license timing, which has permitted them to sell liquor until 2am.

Asked whether they ‘sweet-talked’ a lawmaker who in turn could add a proposal to the House, he said that they cannot even think of an extension because clients are aware that there is no liquor that is sold beyond 2am.

In fact, he argued that the casino closes its pumps at 1am because they do not want to encourage clients who suddenly check in to fill their tables with piles of liquor bottles when neighboring bars have shut their doors.Planet Hollywood Launches A New Video Gaming Machine.

After that clear explanation from one of the members of the Plainridge Resort, you may need to relax and say that they are clean and free from any deal that would ensure a proposal is discreetly passed to the House. But the question still remains, who then authored the proposal that the Senate President doesn’t even know about?

The local Methodists have shown a strong displeasure anything to do with drinking leave alone the 2 hours of extension.

The Senate President has also distanced himself from the extension proposal. Speaking to a local online sports journal, the president said that he cannot do that.

“I’ve never been a fun and I still remain to oppose the idea,” Rosenberg said.

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