California Tribe Decides To Lease Former Casino Site To Marijuana Growers

California Tribe Decides To Lease Former Casino Site To Marijuana Growers

I pay Nation, a small American Native tribe in Santa Ysabel San Diego California has decided to turn a shuttered casino, which they operated into a revenue generator.

Residents have now decided to lease the parcel of land to growers of medical marijuana because they lost the gaming facility to bankruptcy three years ago.

They now believe that the place that once served as a high-end hospitality center that offered table games, as well as slot machines, will now act as a marijuana grow house. Will The US States That Have Legalized Marijuana Be The Next To Make Internet Gambling Legal?

While some people may be thinking that the native tribe is doing wrong to lease land to grow marijuana, the native tribe knows very well that they are not in contravention of the federal constitution.

In December 2014, the US Department of Justice through a memo said that it would not be wrong for a tribal nation to cultivate pot on their areas on condition that the hosting state does allow the use of cannabis.

After the US Department of Justice’s memo, California moved fast to legalize the medical usage of marijuana. Later, through a referendum, California residents decided to approve the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.

With the use of marijuana legalized in the two versions in California, it is not against the state or federal law for the California tribal nation to grow marijuana for any purpose as passed in 2016.

The tribal nation closed down its Santa Ysabel Resort after realizing that it was not making real money online casino gambling sites.With Marijuana Ban Enforcement Expected To Be Back, What Of Online Gambling?

According to Tribal Nation’s Chairman, Dave Vialpando told the Union-Tribune of San Diego that cultivation process of marijuana, which started over a year ago, is still underway. He confirmed that the process is still in its fledgling state.

“We have many rooms in that big grow house, for now, only two grow rooms that have plants that cannot exceed 1,000 plants. There is much space, which lies empty. The growing process is still underway,” Vialpando said.

Santa Ysabel Resort Poor Performance

Santa Ysabel Resort opened up it was doors to the public in 2007. They did not realize any substantive profit to the operator, the Santa Ysabel Tribe. In fact, at no time did the resort develop any hotel rooms as they do many other gaming resorts across the U.S.

The resort’s proximity to freeways proved to be one of the major reasons why it would not collect enough amount of revenue. Remember that other well-established gaming resorts existed nearby, which until date receive a good number of visitors, who translate to revenue to support its staff and various bills.

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