Senator John McCain Opposes Connecticut’s Casino Proposal

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Senator John McCain Opposes Connecticut’s Casino Proposal

U.S. Sen. John McCain is the most recent politician to give his two cents and voice in objection to the proposed Connecticut casino expansion bill.

Speaking on the issue on Tuesday, McCain said that he does not oppose the proposal to set up a gaming facility in Massachusetts for no reason, but he is acutely aware of the impending negative impact.

The senator pointed out that if the proposal to set up the casino goes the way it currently is, that will affect the revenue sharing deal, which exists between the two American Native tribes of Mashantucket and Mohegan and the state.

He continued to say that if that is left to happen, it would cost the state millions, of dollars in the end.

Coincidentally, Sen. McCain is among the authors who drafted the IGRA, which forms the basis for all casino expansions in the state.

In their defense, the two tribes have actively opposed McCain’s sentiments expressed in a letter saying that they are acutely aware of the benefits not adverse implications in their bid to put up a gaming facility in the north.

Mashantucket Pequots and Mohegan tribes operate Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun gaming facilities at the southwest.

Ever since the issue of the two tribes deciding to operate a casino in the north started jointly, the two Native American tribes have maintained that thy have the best interests of the state and their people at heart. They also argue that they want to establish a casino fast, if possible, to tap what is rightfully theirs.

They feel that MGM’s Springfield, which is set to open to the public soon, about 13 miles from the proposed site for the tribes’ casino will receive many visitors from Connecticut thus taking revenue that rightfully belongs to Connecticut’s locals.

“If anything, we are for the best interests of our people and the state in general. By putting up a casino at the north, we want our people to enjoy gambling around a home, paying revenue to the people who mind about their development projects,” said Kevin Brown in an early statement.

However, there are also some legal issues surrounding the project proposals. Law experts warn that if the two tribes are allowed to operate a joint casino at the north on a parcel of land that does not belong to either of the tribe, it would be in contravention to the law.

East Windsor, where the two Native American tribes are intending to set up a satellite casino is not categorized under tribal land.

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