Sega Sammy Optimistic About Casino Resort Ownership

Sega Sammy Optimistic About Casino Resort Ownership

Sega Sammy, a local gaming company in Japan, has shown interest in owning a majority of shares in an upcoming integrated casino.

The interest has come to a surprise because most of the gaming companies that have expressed interest in owning a significant portion in the new casino are those from outside Japan.

It was just last year in December when Japan formally authorized the operation of commercial casinos in the country.

Since that time, scores of gaming investors have shown burning interest in putting their money in Japan.

However, prospective operators and stakeholders will have to wait a while longer for the final legislation to be enacted. Currently, there are no elaborate rules that have been put in place to govern how gaming will be done once new gaming facilities are in place.

Even as the country’s gaming authority contemplates on how to draft appropriate legal frameworks, notable gaming companies especially those from the West have said they will be ‘throwing’ in vast sums of money to get the three licenses that the government is issuing in its initial phase.

Without hesitating, MGM Resorts, Galaxy Entertainment, Hard Rock, and Las Vegas Sands are some of the gaming companies from the west that have confirmed their burning interest in testing the waters of this new and fresh market.

As important foreign companies continue to flock Japan, gaming operators from this Eastern island nation have decided to remain at bay. Maybe, they are waiting to see what the government finally comes up with in term of regulations.

On their part, Sega Sammy has opted to be different, moving very first to at least grab one of the three licenses the government is giving.

Speaking of this golden opportunity to invest in their home country, the company’s president confirmed that they would be honored to offer gambling services to local clients.

“We are happy that we are among the very first to hear this and confirm that we have placed our bid. If favored, we will be honored to take gambling to the next level because this is our home and we promise to render the best gaming experience to the people of Japan.

Our aim is to take the majority stake or if possible, the entire casino. We hope that works for our best interests,” said Haruki Satomi, Sega Sammy’s President.

Sega Sammy has been in the gaming industry for a long time, and it is known for the manufacturing of pachinko machines that are the arcade in shape.

The company also respected across the U.S. for the series by the name ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ as well as gaming consoles.

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