The Pokémon Go Mobile App Becomes More Popular Than The Candy Crush Saga Game

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The Pokémon Go Mobile App Becomes More Popular Than The Candy Crush Saga Game

Pokémon Go has quickly become the most popular mobile video gaming app in the United States. Pokémon Go, otherwise known as Pokémon GO is free to play a game that offers gamers a sense of located based augmented reality. Nintendo also doing business as Niantic developed the Pokémon Go free-to-play game that is currently available to play on Android devices as well as Apple iPhone’s. IPad’s and other iOS devices.

See How The Pokémon Go Mobile App Becomes More Popular Than The Candy Crush Saga Game

This Mobile App Creates A Virtual World

Yes, The United States of America is one was of the countries that Pokémon Go releases. However, many more countries install the app before July 2016. Furthermore, the developer doesn’t intend to release the app yet in other countries. While this seems weird, it starts to make sense.

Interestingly, the game is fun. Furthermore, you have to use Smartphone’s or tablets GPS to locate the virtual creates called Pokémon. After you have enabled your GPS and located the virtual creates you can battle them! We found it convenient that you can download the Pokémon Go app easily at Google Play plus it supports in-app purchases for additional in-game items.

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While the game has gotten very mixed reviews, we found the blue, semi-aquatic small, Pokémon called Vaporeon appealing. Some people have said that Vaporeon has appeared in the Middle of Manhattan and in other cities around the United States of America. We loved it when the blue, semi-aquatic small, Pokémon called Vaporeon came to Montreal when we played the game for the first time. Like many other people we certainly we not trying to get away from this virtual reality monster we were running towards the blue, semi-aquatic small, Pokémon called Vaporeon.

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While it has features that are similar to virtual reality called augmented reality other people have been very critical about some technical issues that were allegedly apparent when the game first launched. Nevertheless, the Pokémon Go app has become a worldwide craze plus it was one of the most used mobile apps, having been downloaded by more than one hundred thirty million people all over the planet.

The Pokemon Go App Allows You To Virtually Treasure Hunt

This virtual reality “treasure hunt” mobile game has gotten in the way of some folks. Non-Gamers have said the mobile app has become a public nuisance around some areas. Some business people have contested that it has been helping small businesses grow some locations.

Indeed, they release the Pokémon Go app in July 2016. However, it appears that five percent of Android users install the app. So, how did they install the app prior to its initial release? Well, we don’t know. However, the entire United States of America. After another 2 days, Pokemon Go had over twenty-one million ACTIVE users. Furthermore, this makes it the even more popular than the Facebook Game Candy Crush Saga’s peak when they had twenty million active users.

The Pokémon Company, as well as Nintendo, have been said to allegedly be making over one and a half million dollars per day just from the US iOS store. This free-to-play mobile game makes its money from a plethora of in-app micro-transactions, which enable you to purchase items that help you win the Pokémon hunting game.

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