Discover The “Psychology Of Real Money Casino Gambling”

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Discover The Psychology Of Real Money Casino Gambling In The U.S.

Real money casino gambling can be fun but it requires balance just like anything else does. While it can be fun and profitable it can also lead to an addiction. The does not condone irresponsible gambling.

Discover The “Psychology Of Real Money Casino Gambling”

If you feel you have a problem you should get the help that you need. The good news is that casino gambling addictions can be treated with a licensed professional and the help of the good folks at Gamblers Anonymous.

Before we show you our Las week we presented the United States Of America Land & Online Casino Gambling Infographic. The feedback we received was great. This led us to have another infographic created for this week. Before we show you the “Discover The Psychology Of Real Money Casino Gambling” infographic we want to go over a few things.

United States Of America Has The Most Land Casinos In The World

At the top of the infographic, it starts off with the big statement “You Wanna Bet” with the Psychology of gambling underneath. The graphic designer we hired started off showing an illustration of how the United States of America has the most land casinos in the world. To be exact there are over 2,500 land casino gambling establishments.

online slots usa Discover The "Psychology Of Real Money Casino Gambling" In The U.S.

The next country with the most wagering dens in the world is France with over 200 brick and mortar casinos. These betting parlors in France and the United States of America bring in a significant amount of revenue. In the United States, the revenue from casino gambling in 2014 was 37.83 Billion Dollars. This was a 1.3 percent increase from the year prior.

Why Americans Love To Gamble At Casinos For Real Money

The reason that we showed our readers this illustration has to do with the psychology of real money casino gambling. As we look down the infographics you should see the question “Why do we love gambling”? On the right-hand side, it states that while a player wants to win they also may lose. Does the question become why take the risk at all? Is it just for entertainment? If so why don’t more people go to arcades to play games for chips and coins instead of real money?

There four best reasons that our graphic designer came up with was the Sense Of Reward, Illusion Of Control, the Excitement of The Chance To Win and that American Are Naturally Optimistic. Let’s dig a little deeper into this theory. Feel free to click here to find a casino near you or search for a gambling palace by state.

Illusion Of Control

The Illusion Of Control presents people with the illusion that they can control what other people do by using techniques such as bluffing when playing in a poker tournament. While poker was deemed a game of skill, the most other games are pure luck. Therefore while Americans may feel like they have control it is not a reality.

The Sense Of Reward theory is backed up by science. The neostriatum, striate nucleus or otherwise known as the striatum is the part of our brains the is a critical component of the reward system. Studies have shown that the reward system in humans brains is activated, giving a casino gambler a natural high.

Theory Of Natural Optimism

The theory of natural optimism is also an interesting factor. Studies show how in all of the humans’ psyche people feel as if they are the exception to the rule. When the win a game like playing a slot machine for real money they feel that they are the exception to the rule.

This brings us to the issue of optimism Versus realty. Can people quit playing a casino game for real money anytime they want? The fact is that just in the United States of America more than 15 million people have a problem with casino and/or sports gambling.

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The infographic goes on to show how the disease of compulsive or pathological casino betting is comparable to brain diseases such as alcoholism, drug abuse, and food addiction. Most of the people that are addicted to gambling started to(place real money wagers before they were the legal age to gamble plus there are more people with gambling addictions in the state of Nevada than any other state in the U.S. If you feel that you have a problem please get help. You can google “gamblers anonymous” or give them a call today toll-free for Compulsive Gambling Help at 1 (855) 222-5542.

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Discover The Psychology Of Real Money Casino Gambling In The U.S.
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