Small Saipan Casino Raises Major Concerns In US Treasury

Small Saipan Casino Raises Major Concerns In US Treasury

In a remote part of the Pacific, Best Sunshine Live, an innocuous luxury casino at the Imperial Pacific hotel in Saipan, seems to be drawing the attention of law enforcement officials, most specifically, the U.S. Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. This governmental bureau, which is responsible for alerting authorities and prosecutors of suspected financial crimes and money laundering activities, has taken notice of the suspicious flow of money at the casino.

Despite being just one of 15 islands in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean, Saipan is the capital of this commonwealth territory of the US and the second largest island in the Northern Marianas archipelago, after Guam. According to an anonymous source with insider knowledge on this matter, which has yet to be revealed to the public, the international destination is not only attractive for its tropical climate. Its most notorious small casino seems to also attract the high-powered elites, and not just your average high-rollers.

So, How Does This Small Saipan Casino Raise Major Concerns?

The Washington and New York power elite frequent the casino, as well as China’s super-rich, and even former directors of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), former U.S. governors, and past chairmen of both the DNC and RNC (Democratic and Republican National Committees).

Indeed, Even though it’s not nearly as big as most of the casinos. More specifically, you can find them in Las Vegas Nevada. However, the VIP players spent far more money there than at any other casino in the area. As a result, the amount of money flowing in this gambler’s paradise is way more than at any big casino in Macau, the gambling capital of the world. Moreover, its daily revenue is huge. More specifically, let’s talk about each VIP table. Ultimately, they report it is about $170,000. Interestingly, this is eight times what Macau’s largest casinos make.

How The Concerns In US Treasury Democratic and Republican National Committees

And yet, the actual winnings by the house are disproportionate. Furthermore, this just a small fraction of total wagers made by the players. Moreover, The Imperial Pacific reports $3.9 billion in bets this September alone. Ultimately, this means that each high-roller that visited the casino that month only wagered an average of $39 million. This cash flow has quickly drawn the attention of international financial crime-fighting anti-terrorism divisions.

Donald Trump USA Online Casino Gambling

Ties To Donald Trump?

Indeed, Mark Brown makes the news. Ultimately, it appears he has ties to the 2016’s president-elect Donald Trump. Also, he runs the Atlantic City casino empire. Furthermore, he is now Imperial Pacific’s chief executive officer. That said, Brown claims nobody contacts him on this matter. Also, it seems he was not made aware of the DOTR’s investigation.

When asked about the matter, Brown assured the press about the transparency of the casino’s finances and claims the facility’s anti-money-laundering procedures are as thorough and efficient as those of many international banks.

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Small Saipan Casino Raises Major Concerns In US Treasury
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Small Saipan Casino Raises Major Concerns In US Treasury
USA Online Casino News. Small Saipan Casino seems to also attract the high-powered elites, and not just your average high Rollers.
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