Mafia-Backed Casinos Attempted To Kill Edward Thorp?

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Mafia-Backed Casinos Attempted To Kill Me, Edward Thorp Confirms

Edward Thorp’s autobiography is rocking airwaves and various gaming websites in the U.S. Thorp, 84 years old, is the man behind the invention of card-counting, which changed the gaming industry in a big way.

His autobiography titled A Man for All-Markets was published this week.

According to the autobiography, Thorp says that in 1964, some mafia-backed casinos in Dunes were furious because of his prowess in playing blackjack. During that time, casino owners made real money casino gambling sites a big deal by ensuring that players, however keen they may be, do not walk away as winners.

In order to silence him, Thorp says, “They tried to have me rubbed up by a group of rowdy mafia.”

Before they mobilized the mob, they made sure that he doesn’t win his blackjack by slipping him Mickey Finn.

Although many years have passed since he was active in playing real money blackjack, Thorp inspired many gamers who were fascinated by the way he played the game especially card-counters. Check out the best Gangster Mafia Slot Machine Games are Criminally Fun to Play.

Some who still live to this day as he does, confirm how his skills motivated them win something that did not impress mafia-backed casinos across some states in the U.S.

In a recent interview with the journal New York Post, Edward says that he remembers the night a casino staff drugged him as if it was yesterday.

In a detailed record found in his autobiography, Edward says that during that fateful night, winning a blackjack was inevitable. As such, fellow players on the gaming floor and the staff offered him drinks such as cocktails, which he did not accept.

Because there were many offers, he finally gave in to a cup of coffee.

Unfortunately, his decision was detrimental. The coffee was drugged. However, he did not realize this by himself. A companion, who was in the room, quickly noticed that Edward was drastically losing focus of the game because his pupils were dilated.

Tampered Car

After the drug ordeal in Dunes, Edward discontinued visiting the place for a while. In order to satisfy his gaming thirst, he went to Sands where he won blackjack as usual.

However, after pocketing $2,500, the resort’s management threw Thorp out without any apparent reason. It was as if he had done something clumsy.

He then decided to drive home. In the car with Thorp, was his wife. Together, they drove home but at some point along the way, they realized that somebody had tampered with their car because it locked the accelerator as they drove down the steep hill.

Before becoming an active gamer, Edward was a mathematics professor, the reason why it was easy for him to invent a model that enabled him make real money from playing blackjack.

He Moved On

Although he made money from playing blackjack, Edward’s fortune came from another model he invented while at the Wall Street, which helps predict market fluctuations.

It should be remembered that sometime after the tampering of his car at the Dunes, Thorps wrote how to win blackjack something that has helped many of his followers flock in casino resorts in LV.

Thorp’s model has helped many who have also suffered the same fate as his.

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