Landry’s Owner Tilman Fertitta Joins The Push For Atlanta Casino Legalization

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High-voltage debate is expected in Atlanta’s both chambers following the introduction of two casino bills that seem identical.

In what has been seen by many as a very powerful debate in the history of Atlanta Georgia’s casino gambling, gaming companies have decided to come together. Led by those who make real money mobile casino betting sites, the companies are leaving nothing to chance in a bid to battle in the floor of the two houses.

Even notable current and former politicians have also joined hands with casino owner to make sure that Georgia gets a good share of gaming centers.

The latest name to join the bandwagon is Haley Barbour, the former Governor for Mississippi. The former governor has vowed to give his hand in support of the development of more casinos in Georgia.

He has even filed the paperwork, which will enable the group to inject lobbyist’s views. Personally, he will represent Wynn Casino Resorts interests.

Most people believe that because it is difficult to find non-gaming regions that are still fertile in the U.S., it is important to ensure that gambling especially land-based is brought to major metropolises like Georgia.

If that is done, as the bill stipulates, it is likely to benefit many people who for a long time have shown interest in developing gaming centers such as business mogul Tilman Fertitta.

It is most likely that the bill might sail through now that Barbour has decided to join the group. Considering his long-term personal friendship with the incumbent Georgian Governor Nathan Deal, there is a lot of positive things to expect.

It should be remembered that for more than 12 months now, lawmakers throughout the state have been struggling to ensure that commercial gambling is legalized in Georgia.

They argue that if land-based casino gambling was legalized in Georgia, it would be another legitimate way to get revenue as a result of tax from those gaming complexes that would be in operation.

However, in the past, things have been different with Governor Deal. He has been known as an opposer of the legalization of land-based gambling in Georgia. At least, this has been so until recently when he hinted that he might consider to sit down for an open discussion.

He has his restrictions though. Deal argues that unless he is promised that the legalization of a land-based form of gambling does not interfere with Georgian lottery system and that a larger portion of the revenue collected from gaming is channeled into enhancing education.

Currently, there is no any land-based gaming resort in Georgia. However, the state made real money in 2016 from the sale of lottery tickets. Out of the $4.56 billion collected from the lottery tickets, $1 billion was used to initiate and complete education programs. This is what Deal does not want interfered.

Atlanta Is Now The Goldmine

Those who are eyeing Atlanta if the state finally legalizes commercial gaming resorts include Las Vegas Sands, Wynn Casino Resorts, Boyd Gaming, Penn National Gaming, and Billionaire Tilman Fertitta.

According to record now in the public domain, there are currently 40 gaming lobbyists that have been accredited.

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Landry’s Owner "Tilman Fertitta" Joins The Push For Atlanta Casino Legalization
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Landry’s Owner "Tilman Fertitta" Joins The Push For Atlanta Casino Legalization
Casino News: High-voltage Tilman Fertitta debate is expected in Atlanta’s both chambers following the introduction of two casino bills.
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