Lack Of Interest Causes A Snub On Georgia Casino Bill

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The Georgia Senate Committee made a move on Thursday, which led to the throwing out of the casino bill that was brought before the house for deliberations because it lacked interest. The abrupt snubbing of the Georgia casino bill is a challenge to the industry developers whose aim is to make real money online casino gambling sites a fortune.

Withdrawing the state’s casino bill means that it is now hard for Senator Brandon Beach to find the necessary support, which will enable him lobby legislators to discuss the bill that has suffered a blow at an early stage, knowing that the March deadline is approaching fast.

Although the senator is optimistic about the casino bill, a close associate of the senator asserts that, with the Thursday’s scenario, it is as if the bill is no more. Earlier this month we spoke about Regulated Industries Committee Debates On Georgia’s Casino Bill.

Following the abrupt cancellation of the bill, market observers, industry developers and a section of the media now dub it a bill on a ‘life support machine’.

According to those who support the bill, they thought that it would be easy to pass the bill fast through the senate and then to the House. Unfortunately, the snubbing of the bill shows that SB79 is likely to suffer the same fate that got a bill that was introduced in 2016, which could propose fewer gaming complexes.

If Beach’s bill could come to pass as it is, it would mean that the state would legalize at least two land-based casinos.

According to the schedule, if it finally resurfaces and takes the huddle up the ladder, it will mean that towards the end of 2018, the public will be encountered with the noble question of whether or not to amend the constitution, which in turn will permit casino gaming.

A Step Back

With the overwhelming reception in its initial stage, many people thought it would be palatable for the committee to deliberate on it, amend and even pass it.

However, there is still some hope left thanks to the position taken by a longtime opponent of gambling business, Governor Nathan Deal. In a recent statement, Deal said that he is contemplating on his position on gambling.

“I’ll ensure that the discussion about the bill is on,” Deal told SB79 supporters.

Following a rift in the senate about the bill, which horizon opposition ahead of Thursday, Senator Rick Jeffares called off the meeting that would be attended by Regulated Industries Committee’s members.

Another senator who did not want to be disclosed said that according to his observation, the bill is not alive, it is dead.

Beach, who seems undeterred, confirmed late Thursday that he will do whatever it takes to lobby members to deliberate on the bill by having the meeting rescheduled.

“I will not sleep until this bill is discussed. So far, I have asked that the agenda be brought before the committee on Monday. I’m sure members will agree with me on this,” Beach said.
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Lack Of Interest Causes A Snub On Georgia Casino Bill
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Lack Of Interest Causes A Snub On Georgia Casino Bill
The abrupt snubbing of the casino bill is a challenge to the industry whose aim is to make real money online casino gambling sites a fortune.
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