Wynn Resorts Takes Elaine Wynn To Court For Copying Secret File

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Wynn Resorts has vowed to take a legal action against the gaming company’s former co-founder Elaine Wynn.

According to Wynn Resorts, Elaine Wynn did and does not have the legitimacy to copy information that belongs to the company she once co-founded.

It is alleged that Ms. Elaine ordered her lawyers to have a copy of some of the important information that belongs to Wynn Resorts claiming that she was part and parcel of the company by the time the order was made.

However, some people who are neither part of the company nor the legal team of either party are saying that Wynn Resorts are only self-centered by not allowing Elaine, who once co-founded the company to sell her shares.

They argue that if Wynn Resorts do not want Elaine back, then the best thing anyone could do is to allow her go in peace, thus leave with all her belongings-her shares.

On what has been seen as a family affair turning soar, Steve Wynn, the current CEO and founder of Wynn Resorts claims that Elaine Wynn, Steve’s estranged wife, does not have the right to access control over the gaming company she started along with her husband close to 17 years ago.

It has however emerged that the two almost got everything right during the final part of their divorce by having everything they wanted put down on paper.

In 2010, the year in which the two finally settled on how to divide their wealth emanating from Wynn Resorts, the Wynns agreed to take 50/50 of the total from Wynn Resorts.

Steve, the remaining owner and CEO agreed in writing that he would reelect Elaine back to the BoD of Wynn Resorts. On her part, Elaine also in writing said that she would at no time sell her shares that she had left in the company without Wynn Resorts consent.

Elaine’s shares are worth $1 billion according to the current market value!

All these were ways Steve Wynn wanted to continue making real money online casino gambling sites a major way of earning a fatty living.

Secret Copying

According to a latest lawsuit that was filed by Wynn Resorts legal team, Elaine Wynn made a deliberate move in 2013 to obtain information from Wynn Resorts.

Lawyers argue that it was out of order and a criminal offense for Elaine to have illegally and secretly obtained the confidential information with an undisclosed intent.

The lawsuit also showed that Ms Elaine went ahead to obtain an image that belongs to her assistant at the Wynn Resorts.

In a quick rejoinder, Elaine, while conceding to have taken the information, she said that she was actually doing what her lawyers wanted her to do.

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