Miami Beach Vows To Keep Casinos Off Shores

City Officials In Miami Beach Vow To Keep Casinos Off Shores

Miami Beach officials are talking tough on any move by gaming companies to try and make a deliberate action that would mean they want to develop a gaming facility on a parcel of land in the shores of the beach that officials say looks ‘ripe’ for casino development.

On Wednesday, the city commission called for a meeting with the aim of ensuring that no legislation from the Tallahassee would influence gaming companies to look for gambling investment along the strip that is close to the sea.

For a long time, gaming operators have craved to build a casino to carter for visitors and domestic travelers who enjoy the picturesque view of the sea from Miami Beach.

However, Miami-Dade County officials have also been adamant saying that no single casino whether state or private-owned will be allowed to make real money online casino gambling sites from the strip of land that stands out as a tourist attraction site to neighboring states and the outside world.

The city commission meets at a time legislators in Florida failed to agree on casino expansion. Although it seems to be a plus for the people of Miami, those who do not speak favorably of gambling, Miami Beach officials do not appear to sit and watch their beautiful beach ‘ruined’ by gambling activities.

Speaking on legislators failed a mission, Commissioner Rick Arriola said, “Last week’s scenario in the legislature is a total failure. I am very much scared. Their actions would put our city in a bad situation.”

Out of the seven members that were supposed to vote, six were present. It turned out that all that were present voted against casinos gaining entry to the Miami Beach strip.

All the six agreed that no casino should be allowed to set foot on the beach.

Other social amenities such as hotels in the area also have for a long time expressed their interests in offering some form of gambling. One such a resort is Fontainebleau Hotel, which on Wednesday, during the commission’s meeting, sent a representative with the aim of persuading members to adjust their stand on the matter.

Alex Heckler, the Fontainebleau representative, argued that the commission should re-look at the issue I detail. In fact, Alex besieged the commission to buy time, which will help them conduct a proper feasibility study.

According to Heckler, the study would reveal the economic implications of not allowing gaming facilities to set foot.

His views echoed by Raul Aguila, the City Attorney adding that an economic study is likely to show why and how the by expanding the prohibition, Miami Beach City will fair.

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Miami Beach Vows To Keep Casinos Off Shores
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Miami Beach Vows To Keep Casinos Off Shores
Miami Beach officials are talking tough on any move by gaming companies to try and make a deliberate action develop a gaming facility.
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