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US President Donald Trump Visits Las Vegas Massacre

US President Donald Trump Visits Las Vegas Massacre Victims,In less than 72 hours after a Vegas shooter showered bullets from his Mandalay Hotel room killing over 60 people and injuring more than 500 others, President Trump, a former casino magnet paid victim and first responders a visit.

Abode Air Force One, President Donald Trump landed at McCarran International and went straight to The Mandalay Bay Resort. The Mandalay Bay was the venue where Stephen Paddock., the Vegas shooter fired several bullets from his hotel room in the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Hotel killing more than 60 people injuring hundreds of others.

Las Vegas Massacre Victims Get A Visit From The US President Donald Trump

During a press conference to the nation from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Trump took the chance to console families of the more than 60 people who died during the Las Vegas massacre. He also thanked law enforcement officers who acted fast to silence the massacre, in which the Vegas shooter himself killed.

The US President Donald Trump also expressed appreciation to various first responders, many hospital staffs and paramedics who moved fast to give a hand in what has been termed as the deadliest attacks in the history of the modern US.

“I appreciate those law enforcement officers who stood with the people in a bid to find out and stop the shooter even without knowing where the shots were coming from. Their deliberate effort to risk their lives is a clear indication that there are people ready to sacrifice their lives for our brothers and sisters. We should appreciate that spirit,” US President Donald Trump said.

Later when the president was speaking to families who lost loved ones confirmed that America is one united nation against such acts against human life.

“We stand as one to help you in carrying this too much pain. America is truly one united nation that is in mourning” US President Donald Trump said.

According to sources close to the White House, the president was personally aggrieved that in the modern American era, a lone shooter could decide to open fire to thousands of innocent people enjoying their time over the weekend.

The crowd had gone at the Mandalay Hotel to attend a country music concert that was organized by the hotel and other stakeholders. Preliminary reports indicate that the lone Vegas shooter is used to transacting large sums of money. In fact, one law enforcement officer who sought anonymity said that in the past few weeks, Stephen Paddocks had withdrawn over $10, 000.

This is happening even when there is a law that regulates the amount of money one can transact when it comes to gambling. While the same law does not limit the amount of money one can negotiate, it does direct that such transaction must be monitored.

It is not yet clear which casinos allowed such kinds of transactions. According to his brother, Eric Paddocks, his brother is used to gambling on big money and winning big money is not unusual.

After Trump’s press conference from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, he went straight to University Medical Center in Nevada where most of those injured were rushed to.

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US President Donald Trump Visits Las Vegas Massacre Victims
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