Canada Casino Talks Likely To Threaten Horse Racing Sector In Ontario

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Ongoing talks on the nature and the location of casinos in the Southwestern Ontario are likely to bring a new wave of problems. Canada casinos online are set to benefit as wrangles on the location of land-based facilities intensify.

They have taken a long time. That is why casino investors especially those from the horse racing betting section are crying foul. They are saying that the gaming authority is lenient on the matter.

Investors fear that in case the decision to establish a gaming facility in their area is reached, local horse racing betting will suffer.

One report published in the London Free Press shows that locals fear for the closure of their properties. They argue that the presence of a casino facility at Western Fair District is similar to the shutting down of the horse racing business in their area.

They say that authorities should be involving local investors whenever they plan for such mega projects. Their greatest fear is that if the online casinos for Canada players is finally built and starts to operate, revenues from horse racing facilities will drop.

For more than five years now, the local industry has struggled to stay afloat. This started with the authority slashing by more than a half the amount of slots revenue that was flowing to horse racing betting.

Now the greatest fear is that any future changes that touch on the horse racing industry will completely kill the sector. In the end, horse racing betting in the Southwestern Ontario will die.

New Operator With A Casino Feel

There hasn’t been a major problem until recently when OLG issued a license to an operator who leans towards casinos. The new licensee is Gateway Casinos & Entertainment. The gaming investor does not support horse racing betting online.

Over the years, Gateway Casinos & Entertainment have proved to be solely interested in casinos. They have nothing to do with horse racing venues. Whenever they have decided to erect a gaming facility, they ensure that there is no horse racing venue nearby.
Canada Casino Talks Likely To Threaten Horse Racing Sector In Ontario
At the moment, Gateway Casinos operates one the facility in Western Fair District. The casino investor has been demanding that it should give rights to use fairgrounds.

Remember that this horse racing venue in Western Fair District is so far the second regarding purses in the whole of Ontario Province.

Will Canada Casino In Ontario Stop Horse Racing Betting Online?

Negotiations on to give rights to use of the fairgrounds. They are ongoing.

The end of horse racing in may be close in the Western Fair District. Authorities need to step up.

The other option allow horse racing betting at casinos. This likely to benefit one sector. Canada casinos online will continue to attract those gamers.

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Canada Casino In Ontario Threatens Horse Racing Betting
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Canada Casino In Ontario Threatens Horse Racing Betting
Canada Casino Talks Likely To Threaten Horse Racing Sector In Ontario. Find Online Casinos For Canada Players & Horse Racing Betting Sites.
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