MGM Cotai Wants Quality Events & Players

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MGM Casino is speaking volumes. The keyword will confirm that. Many people visit MGM facilities. That is what the management wants to see continue.

All MGM facilities will always offer quality services. It is for this reason the casino wants quality events. The casino management wants to see ‘quality’ visitors.

Pansy Ho, the chairperson of MGM Casino in China wants quality. She says that the casino will offer quality. They want the same quality back.

MGM Cotai will open in January 2018. MGM is currently building the Cotai branch in Macau. The facilities are known for their high-end services.

She was speaking this week during a press conference. Pansy said that the resort casino will offer quality services. They want the same kinds of treatment.

She said that they do not want to welcome unthankful visitors. The facility will be home to high-end events. MGM casino is building a big gaming resort in Macau.

“We want nothing but quality. We are going after more quality. That is what we offer. We want the same. Our customers will appreciate our quality services. We will also want quality experiences from them,” Ho told reporters during the MGS Entertainment Show.

Ms. Ho was reacting to comments. Members of the public were asking many questions. They want to know how the facility will treat the VIP.

Another MGM casino member from China confirmed the statement he argues that MGM will not rely on junkets. The CEO of China said that MGM Cotai would change how to do things. He said the casino would make its primary revenue from in-house VIP.

MGM Cotai will not depend on external VIP. But he also said that the casino will not hesitate. It will be quick to admit junkets quickly. The CEO knows that junkets play a key role in casino revenue.

They have scheduled for five junket operators. All these will be working with the facility. That will be some time in January. It is only a month or so from now.

Ho said that she is aware of the market situation. She knows that the junket market is saturated. But she says that is not anything big.

The chairperson is aware that there are high rollers in Macau. They are enough to boost the new business. Ho is optimistic that MGM Cotai can create an impact when it opens.

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MGM Cotai
“We are aware of the junket market. We are determined to open as scheduled. There is not enough junket to share. Even if another casino opens tomorrow, there will still be enough high rollers in Macau. Everyone will have enough,” she said.

Small But Enough

The chairperson also spoke about the size of the resort Ho was suggesting that other casinos have built large facilities. MGM casino is the smallest.

That does not mean the casino will not get business. Ho said that they would show everyone wonders. MGM casino will hold any major event. They want quality customers and events.

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MGM Casino in China Announces Opening Date
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MGM Casino in China Announces Opening Date
MGM Cotai Wants Quality Events & Players. They officially announced their opening date. This Macau casino will open in January 2018.
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