Bitcoin Raillies $1, 000 In Less Than 24 Hours After Hitting $10, 000

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Bitcoin Rallies Over $11,000! Where Is It Headed? BTC is shocking the world. The person behind the bitcoin must be a happy person by now. The digital currency is increasing in value each day.

If you think that the digital currency soars just a little bit, you are wrong. Bitcoin hits $10, 000 hours after Thanksgiving. Miners and investors celebrate.

BTC hits $10, 000 hours after Thanksgiving. Miners and investors celebrate

They don’t know that is the start. Bitcoin is not stopping at anything. In less than 24 hours, something happens. Many people talk about the digital currency.

This talk creates an impact. Mainstream media gives the cryptocurrency massive coverage. What is the result? Bitcoin surges!

Within 24 hours, the value of the bitcoin jumps between two figures. Nobody is talking about the digital currency crossing the $10, 000 barrier.

Right now, the only talk in town is over $11, 000. The precise figure is $11, 377.33. This figure was however short-lived. A few hours before 24 hours are over, there is a drop.

The value comes down to $10, 777.27. Many think the cause is rapid volatility. No matter what happens, miners and investors are optimistic.

“Only a few things will always hold the growth of the Bitcoin. If not these things, the value will surpass all the wealth of the earth. That will not take long. It needs a few years,” says BlockTower Capital CIO Ari Paul.

Many people who deal with digital currencies have hope. They know that the value will gain a lot more. They have a strong feeling that things are better ahead.

Experts argue that the current market capitalization is less $200 billion. That is far much less what the traditional financial market offers.

There is an estimation of $200 trillion in traditional financial market assets. That means, if bitcoin investment rises even by $1 million, the value will be high.

There is a lot of anxiety and expectation

Many people are waiting for a time the BTC hits $10,000. After this, many cannot believe that it is still soaring to greater heights.

They are waiting to see the digital currency hit $10, 000 but they are at a shock when that happens. It is even worse when it soars to $11, 000. That means there are great surprises shortly.

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The starting point is terrible. Seven years ago, the BTC was only 6 cents. At the beginning of 2017, the value is $1, 000 that creates a shock. Many people don’t know that the value will grow this high.

Twelve months later, the value goes up by a whopping $10, 000! What do we expect in the next few days? We are starting a moth full of festivities. There are lots of transactions. There will be many travels, bookings, and expenditures.

Bitcoin Rallies Over $11,000! Where Is It Headed?

So, Bitcoin Rallies Over $11,000, Now Where Is It Headed?

There are lots of gaming activities. In this month alone, the digital currency is likely to hit new heights. There is Christmas then Boxing Day.

Then there are end-year celebrations. The climax is the eve of 2018. All these are reasons to hope for a bright future. This will benefit the bitcoin casino sector.

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Bitcoin Rallies Over $11,000! Where Is It Headed?
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