Bitcoin Hits $16,500 As BTC Futures Start Trading

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Bitcoin Hits $16,500 As BTC Futures Start Trading! It is evident that Bitcoin is not stopping any day soon. The value is making one long leap after another. This is happening day after day, week after week. A few days ago, Bitcoin price hit $10, 0000. It is not even 24 hours later, when it is $1, 000 more. That makes the price to $11, 000 within a day. A week later, things are very different. Today, we are talking about over $15k. The precise value before the weekend is $15, 058. This is making investors happy.

See How Bitcoin Hits $16,500 As BTC Futures Start Trading

Miners of this digital currency are super elated. Do you want to be happy as they are? Start mining the Bitcoin today. Within a few days, you will feel like they feel. As the bitcoin hit $15k, the value rises to more than $2, 000 within two days. CoinDesk says if this trend goes on this way, soon the digital currency will surpass the world’s wealth.

CoinMarketCap Gives Their Opinion

CoinMarketCap, another site that centers on digital currency, says that the value will grow. The site says that for now, the growth in market capitalization is 20% in the two days to the weekend. But there is a time the price drops to $14, 562. This usually happens with digital currencies. Learn what the digital currency is and how to use it.

Will BTC Futures Increase Or Decrease The Value?

You can attribute the astonishing growth of the bitcoin to many things. Primary among these is the rallying of the value of investing. Various digital investors are now rallying for the digital currency on social media. This is helping in the rise in market value. The other thing you will associate the growth with is BTC futures.

CBOE Global Markets Launches Futures Contracts

CBOE Global Markets is set to launch futures contract on December 10. This is already a thing that has seen the bitcoin value rise. A week later, on December 17, 2017, CME Group’s long-awaited launch will take place. Chances are the two futures contracts alone will boost the value to as close as possible to $20000. We see a positive impact on the improvement of BTC. The world awaits the effects of yesterday’s CBOE futures launch. But critics are vocal.

After seeing the positive impacts, they now say there is resistance. They argue that soon, the bitcoin will remain static. Their argument comes a week barely before another futures contract launch. Note that in the past, the digital currency suffers. When it hurts, it is because of RSI pullbacks. This is likely to happen soon. This is a prediction by critics.

Bitcoin Hits $16,500 As BTC Futures Start Trading
Those who support the rise say that growth in value is inevitable. Nobody and nothing will stop the digital currency growth. There will be challenges. There can be pullbacks. They will not prevent the growth of bitcoins.

How Long With Bitcoin Continue To Grow?

Every time the price of this digital currency grows, there is a pullback. This always happens. Nothing is a big deal. Many people see this. But that will not stop the bitcoin. You will always see it grow. Whether there is RSI or not, the value is set to increase. Bitcoin investors are looking at December as a good month. It is a time to see their investment’s price value grow.

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Bitcoin Hits $16,500 As BTC Futures Start Trading
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Bitcoin Hits $16,500 As BTC Futures Start Trading
Bitcoin Hits $16,500 As BTC Futures Start Trading. With Over $15, 000, There Is No Limit To Bitcoin’s Success. Find The Latest Digital Currency News.
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