SoftGamings Along With Play’n GO Expands Slots Offerings to Casino Operators

SoftGamings Along With Play’n GO Expands Slots Offerings to Casino Operators
SoftGamings grows into one of the key players in the gaming industry. Furthermore, its overall reputation is one best gaming software, suppliers. Most importantly, they make fan-favorite games for land-based and online casinos.

Indeed, they are one of the best ways for software developers. Furthermore, these iGaming applications expand its presence in a rapidly expanding gaming market. Moreover, they partner with industry-related gaming companies. As a result, they fill the voids in the supply pipeline.

Recently, we see a press release by SoftGamings posted on Furthermore,the company announces an agreement with Play’n GO . Moreover, they expand its portfolio of innovative slots games to casino operators. Play’n GO is another major player in the gaming industry as an award-winning iGaming provider for casino-style gambling on slots and other gaming devices.

When Are SoftGamings And Play’n GO Expanding Their Slots Offerings?

This recent marriage between a top iGaming developer and an equally successful iGaming provider is just one more example of how these strategic collaborations continue to expand the overall marketplace.

Play’n GO supplies casino operators with state-of-the-art casino gaming content that has been certified by accredited test laboratories. The purpose of this process is to ensure that every game has a high level of integrity, fairness and security built into its design. This is an integral reason why these types of partnerships have been so successful in the past.

SoftGamings was first established in 2007 and in a relatively short amount of time it has become one of the premier iGaming developers in the gaming industry today. The company provides the iGaming market with a large and growing portfolio of products and services that are considered to be cutting-edge by today’s high standards. The company has established business relationship with more than 40 of the top game providers across a large geographic footprint. As a result of these partnerships, it is able to offer a unified API Integration package for casino operators to pave the way for seamless expansion.

Trusted iGaming provider

Most importantly, people describe SoftGamings as dependable and trusted. Furthermore, this iGaming provider utilizing these products and services. Quoted in this post is Irina Sazonova as the Head of Partnerships for SoftGamings with the following statement:

“We are pleased with our cooperation with Play’n GO. Since its launch in 2005, Play’n Go has gained much relevance and popularity in the industry, and it keeps moving forward to provide even greater experience to players and operators. It is fantastic to have Play’n GO , the master of innovative slots, in our portfolio.”

First of all, they are 13 years old. Furthermore, Play’n GO’ has quickly established itself as a major player in creating innovative entertainment. Also, establish themselves for both land-based and online casino applications. It also has become proficient in delivering game management tools and services to help operators improve the overall gaming entertainment value it delivers to their patrons. Over the past decade or so, Play’n GO is firmly establishes as a global entity. Also, they are a trusted developer in an ever-changing business environment.

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SoftGamings Along With Play’n GO Expands Slots Offerings to Casino Operators
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SoftGamings Along With Play’n GO Expands Slots Offerings to Casino Operators
Learn How SoftGamings Along With Play’n GO Are Expanding Real Money Casino Slots Offerings to Their Mobile Casino Gambling Operators
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