Top 5 TRON Gambling Tokens Hit $100 Million Market Cap

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Cryptocurrencies and the gambling industry have forged a strong relationship over the years. Digital currency has become one of the most popular ways to make deposits into online accounts. All the transactions remain anonymous to safeguard sensitive account information.

Another popular aspect of crypto gambling is winning tokens with real money value playing games online. TRON (TRX) casinos are beginning to pop up all over the internet. Sites continue to launch gambling DApps that give players a chance to win big on the games. Some of the most popular offerings are for dice games, roulette and slots. These DApps offer a way to make real money in the form of TRON casino dividends.
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Why Are TRONIX (TRX) casinos are beginning to pop up all over the internet?

Over the years, some crypto casino sites have gotten a bad rap due to questionable business practices. TRON casinos can be verified as fair by checking their status on the blockchain. Also, all winnings stay in your TRON wallet, not in the hands of an online casino site. The Tron blockchain has an excellent reputation for processing transactions in a safe and fast manner. Ultimately, this allows players to get in on all the action quickly.

Games Of Chance Like Slots And Dice

Most online offerings are simply games of chance, such as dice and slots. However, more and more sites are offering competitive peer-to-peer gambling opportunities. One good example of this would be TRON’s Texas Hold’em Poker offerings. With the expansion of TRON casinos comes the expansion of TRON-based gambling tokens. According to, the total market cap of the Top 5 TRON tokens has reached $100 million.

The five mentioned were:

  1. TRONbet’s ANTE Token @ $78.4 million
  2. 888TRON @ $9.7 million
  3. Tronext @ $6.5 million
  4. TronACE @ $3.7 million
  5. TronVegas’ VCOIN @ $1.5 million

The ANTE token is by far the most popular one. TRONbet also leads the way when it comes to TRON-based gambling DApps. It boasts over 4,000 daily users. This upward trend should continue as more and more players get on board.

When it comes to ranking the best TRON Casinos, this site has created its own Top 10 list. At the top of the page is 888Bet with an overall rating of 9.4. The site is currently running a promotion to earn 88,888 tokens as a daily price over the two-week window. Some of the top games include Bicycle, Indian Wheel, Dice Bow, Cowboy Ladder and Castle Mine.

Second, on the list is 888TRON with a rating of 9.2. This crypto casino encourages players to consult the TRON blockchain to verify fair gaming practices. One of the top games on this site is Dice52. It is based on the simple game of OVER/UNDER where players get to choose whether the next number drawn is higher or lower than the current number displayed.

Rounding out the top three games on the list is TRONVEGAS with a 9.1 rating. This site has already attracted thousands of players. Current site statistics quote that 3,000 daily users are wagering more than 2.3 million TRON. This daily figure has an actual worth of $54,000.

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 Top 5 TRON Gambling Tokens Hit $100 Million Market Cap
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Top 5 TRON Gambling Tokens Hit $100 Million Market Cap
Learn How Tron Casinos With Games Of Chance Increase In Popularity As The Top 5 TRON Gambling Tokens Hit $100 Million Market Cap.
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