A $2.50 Bet On A Progressive Penny Slot Yields $293,791.80 Jackpot

A $2.50 Bet On A Progressive Penny Slot Yields $293,791.80

A $2.50 Bet On A Progressive Penny Slot Yields $293,791.80

Since its opening on May 14, the Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana has delivered a fair share of big prizes. However, on Sunday, the casino handed out its biggest jackpot yet. The lucky winner is a Chicago resident who scored an amazing win worth almost $300,000.

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Chicago Man Hits Big

Most casino visitors would be more than happy with a win multiplying their stake by 10 or 100 times. The Chicago man probably felt the same as he took the trip to the Hard Rock Casino. Still, the faith had something completely different in store for him. He nailed an astounding 117,517-times return on his investment. The lucky player, who decided to remain anonymous, is probably still trying to recover after the stroke of luck he had on Sunday. He played for only $2.50 in a progressive penny slot, but the jackpot he hit was worth way more than that. On a single spin, he won an incredible $293,791.80.

His game of choice was the Ox edition of the Jinse Dao slot machine. The lucky guy took a seat at one of the machines in the row of 6 placed near the baccarat area of the casino. The chances of winning the progressive jackpot were evenly split by the six machines. The Ox is the latest slot in a successful Jinse Dao series by SG Gaming. It’s a 5-reel slot offering huge potential wins with its expanding reels and the progressive jackpot. Check out the video of a big win on the Jinse Dao slot machine below.

The Gary Casino Continues to Deliver Jackpots

The president of Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana, Matt Schuffert was at the scene and was one of the first to congratulate the lucky winner. He said that the customer feedback regarding the casino’s large and diverse offer of slot machines has been very positive so far. The Hard Rock Casino’s slot portfolio includes the selection of the latest and most popular slot machines. Schuffert added that everyone at the casino is very happy every time they have a chance to deliver one of their guests a win as big as this one. In addition, it raises the profile of the whole establishments and attracts new customers.

In August alone, the Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana has paid out more than $10 million to the players who won jackpots on slot machines. This number includes all wins that fall into the jackpot category. According to federal tax law, a jackpot is every single win in the amount of $1,200 or more. It’s better known as a hand pay jackpot. And the Gary casino has been handing out plenty of those.

About the Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana Casino

The Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana has been operational since May 2021. The $300 million casino is owned by the Seminole Tribe and operated by their enterprise Hard Rock International. Currently, they own an 85% share of the casino. The company took over the ownership last month from Spectacle Entertainment after the former owner had its gambling license revoked. The casino is located next to eastbound Interstate 80-94 at the Burr Street exit.

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