Atlantic City Casino Operators Enter 2018 With Optimism

Atlantic City Casinos Online Enter 2018 Optimistic

It is a new year. Everything needs to be fresh. Above all, this is even if the previous year has a good thing. In 2018, you need to make a few chances especially if it is hard to achieve your goals in 2017. Also, this is what Altantic City Casinos are doing. All operators seem to start the year full of hopes. They are optimistic that there’re good things ahead. They believe that if they get 60% in 2017, they will achieve 80+ percent in 2018.

The past 12 months of 2017 are suitable for operators. It marks a second-year win in a row. That is why operators now believe that things will be better. If their beliefs work, then it will mean that 2018 will be a good time. What is more is that 2017 is a lot busier than 2016. If that trend continues, it says 2018 will be more active than 2017. Anybody in the casino industry will tell you what busy translates being.

See Why The Atlantic City Casinos Online Enter 2018 Optimistic

Remember that New Jersey casinos are enduring 7 good years of a dry spell. That is between 2007 and 2015. During these turbulent times, 5 casinos shut down. Those that remain in business during these hard times are now reaping. The last two years are good times for the casino industry in AC. Many people especially casino operators are expecting high results. They are waiting for the release of December results later this month.

Mark Giannantonio From Resorts Casino Talks With Associated Press

Already, many people are speculating. If casinos record good results, they say, it will be impressive. Revenue collection between January 2017 and November 2017 is remarkable. If that happens through the following month of December, there will be significant growth. There are those saying that revenue collection will be around $2.67 billion. If this prediction works for the people of AC, it will be the best thing. How? If indeed it is $2.67 billion this will be the best year since 2009. In an exclusive interview with Associated Press, Resorts Casino CEO says he’s happy. Mark Giannantonio says he is optimistic.

Confidence In Improving Hard Rock, Caesars and MGM

“We’re optimistic about 2018. We are looking forward to having good times ahead. Everybody believes that this change is real,” Mark says. Several things are in the pipeline. Some of the operators are ready pouring in millions of dollars. The first one is Hard Rock operator that is spending $500 million to improve Trump Taj Mahal. Both Caesars and MGM are also promising to throw in millions of dollars. Whether the money is to resell, repurchase or revamp their facilities, who knows?
Atlantic City Casinos Online Enter 2018 Optimistic

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Atlantic City Will Have Its 8th Casino By Summer 2018

The good thing is that operators in Atlantic City are looking forward to an entirely new year. It is likely that Atlantic City will have its 8th casino this summer. That will happen after Hard Rock reopens. There are chances another facility will soon open after Hard Rock’s. More resorts prepare to resume. Above all, this is an indicator that Atlantic City casinos are realizing profits. The operators hope that they will continue achieving an increase in revenues.


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