How Much Lower Will Bitcoin Go?

How Much Lower Will Bitcoin Go? Will BTC Bust Soon? For several months now, the price of the Bitcoin value is increasing each day. At one point, the cost doubles every single day. Indeed, this creates up to $10, 000 a week. Above all, this is what happens in the first week of December 2017. The price of the digital currency value shoots from as low as $6,000 to over $10, 000. Since hitting the $10, 000-mark, the price is surging fast. Do You Think Digital Currency Will Be The The Future of International Monetary System?

Will The Value Of Bitcoin Continue To Decline?

Many people especially investors and miners are happy about the increase. They know that as the value increases, they will get the fruit of their labor. To them, even if the price shoots as high as $30k or even $100k, that is what they want. A lot of activities are taking place. Some of the events affect the BTC price directly. Learn what a Bitcoin is by reading this article watch the video below.

How Are The Cryptocurrency Futures Trading?

Because of these activities, the price is shooting each day. Two of such events is the launch of BTC futures. Two companies launch their bitcoin features. They do this in the middle of this month. One of this companies begins on December 10, and the other a week later on December 17. These latest developments have an impact on the prize of the digital currency. First, they help in the stability of the coin. Second, they help in many people having trust in the use of the digital currency.

Good news for miners and digital currency investors

But there is also a negative effect. Before the two companies launch their futures, everything is okay. The price shots by $1000 each day. At some point, the price of the coin shoots by $2, 000 in only 24 hours! Overall, the price is doing well in the days towards the launch. Things are not bad during the launch. But the word of digital currency starts to see a different turn shortly after the two launches.

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How Much Lower Will Bitcoin Go? Will BTC Bust Soon?

Here is an illustration:

The last time, the coin is trading at the highest of $19, 891.99. In fact, some sites report of $20, 000! Maybe the latter rounds off to get the whole figure. Whatever happens next is of interest.
After the coin hits as high as $20, 000, it starts to record a sharp drop. The price value comes to as low as $17, 000 in 24 hours. Most importantly, this is a drop of $3, 000! Also, this is a huge figure.
This drop is worrying. Many financial experts are now warning that the price may go low. Looking at how things are, there are chances that the price may come even lower.
bitcoin Digital Currency Price Rise Resistance As Altcoins Surge

How low will the bitcoin go?

The same financial experts have a say. They believe that the price of the bitcoin may go as low as $11, 000. Even as they say this, they all agree that it may shoot again. Experts say that it may go a bit high as we approach Christmas. New Year festivities are also likely to affect the price. But they say this is elusive. As investors and miners remain optimistic, experts maintain otherwise. Financial analysts agree that the bitcoin price may shoot. But they also say that it may come as low as $11, 000.

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How Much Lower Will Bitcoin Go? Will BTC Bust Soon?
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How Much Lower Will Bitcoin Go? Will BTC Bust Soon?
How Much Lower Will Bitcoin Go? There Has Been A Massive Digital Currency Boom, But People Are Wondering When BTC Will Bust? For several months now, the price of the Bitcoin value is increasing each day.
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