Play 21 + 3 Top 3 Blackjack Game Online Now

21 + 3 Top 3 Blackjack

Perhaps, no other table game has had many variations developed as blackjack. For many years now, blackjack has dominated produced a new table game variation. 21 + 3 Top 3 is one of the latest innovations.This game aims at helping gamers enjoy the classic game, blackjack. But even as they do so, it will give them a chance to earn extra money than what they could get from traditional blackjack.

The beauty is that payouts are a bit higher and similar to those in online poker games. But when it comes to the basic rules, layout and the gameplay in general, it is identical to that of traditional blackjack.

As usual, the aim of the gameplay is for the player to ensure they are above the dealer. Yes, a player must endeavor aim at having the upper hand than the dealer. That is the only way he’ll win.

However, you can also win extra payouts. For this to happen though, you have to ensure you hit on the cards that make up the poker hand. Some of these cards are the flush card and the straight card.

Layout And Device Responsiveness

21 + 3 Top 3 has taken the same exact layout of the blackjack that in brick and mortar casinos. You will also expect to see usual markings on the table as well as the green baize.

At the front of the screen, you’ll see the player’s cards. The dealer’s, on the other hand, is also vividly placed on the top side of the screen. Do not confuse; the cards are just in front of the image that is in the chip tray belonging to the dealer.

You can play this fanciful table game from your desktop. Alternatively, the game has been developed to work on portable devices. So, if you do not have a computer, do not worry.

It is now possible to play 21 +3 Top 3 right from your iPhone. Whether it is powered by Android, Windows or whatever it is, you can comfortably play this game from your mobile phone.

You can also access this game via a tablet. That is a good thing because many people would prefer to play games from any place.

Starting To Play

If you are playing for real money, you first need to choose your bet. You simply need to click on the chips from the left side of the screen. Do not be surprised because you are likely to see the following options:
• White $1 chip.
• Red $5 chip.
• Green $25 chip.
• Black $100 chip.
• Purple $500 chip.
Play 21 + 3 Top 3 Blackjack Game Now
As you can see, you have a myriad of options. You can click on any of the chips you feel comfortable. Remember though that the maximum you can ever bet for on this online casino game is $500 for the regular game.

But there is an extra $100 from the side bet. Whichever your choice of chip, remember that playing 21 +3 Top 3 is one of the lucrative experiences you’ll ever have in all table games.

Rich Caesar

Rich Caesar

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