Blockchain Technology Offers Lockbox as a New Innovative Hardware Wallet

Blockchain Technology Offers Lockbox as a New Innovative Hardware Wallet | Crypto Gaming

The entire cryptocurrency industry has been driven by innovation. Some ideas have been too ahead of their time and they never got off the drawing board. Others have been successfully brought to market to help shape the future path of this expanding world that has attracted investors all around the globe.

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First of all, the concept of a custom hardware wallet has been given some traction by Blockchain, as a highly popular cryptocurrency software provider. The company announced the launch of Lockbox as a new hardware wallet that is exclusively connected to the company’s flagship wallet. According to this report, a partnership between Blockchain and wallet manufacturer Ledger collaborates on the actual design.

How Does Blockchain Technology Offer Lockbox as a New Innovative Hardware Wallet?

Indeed, Blockchain Technology has been in business since August of 2011. Also, it gains a reputation for providing a variety of data services. Moreover, it provides a non-custodial wallet product. Ultimately, these products lead to the creation of close to 30 million wallets. However, the produce wallets over the past seven years.

Blockchain Technology Offers Lockbox as a New Innovative Hardware Wallet | Crypto Gaming

Lockbox Wallet

So, the company designs the Lockbox wallet to be fully compatible with the company’s current wallet software. Furthermore, this allows end users to benefit from both services. Also, people will know them well in the crypto industry. After all, Ledger earns its reputation as a hardware wallet maker. Its primary role in this product was aiding the wallet’s design and custom firmware. However, it was noted that Lockbox is not compatible with other Ledger platforms. Most notably, its Ledger Live application.

CEO and co-founder of Blockchain

Yes, Peter Smith is the CEO and co-founder of Blockchain. More specifically, he says “We’ve created an elegant software and hardware integration that offers more functionality than previously. After that, he says We’re thrilled to offer Lockbox to Blockchain users. As a result, they can easily manage their funds online and offline seamlessly.”

Indeed, The President of Ledger is Pascal Gauthier. Furthermore, he also adds, “Its obvious that security must be top of mind for all stakeholders in the crypto space.”. After that, he says This was in direct relation to the concept that cryptocurrency hacks. More specifically, they “continue to dominate headlines.” Additionally, He went on to mention that the Lockbox device is FIDO certified. Also, the device can be used as a secondary security key for:

1. Dropbox
2.Google Applications
3. GitHub

Listen, folks descibe Lockbox similar to Nano. However, it has the ability to connect with existing Blockchain wallets. Pre-orders for the product began on Thursday, Oct. 25 at a suggested retail cost of $99. The company is accepting BCH,BTC, PayPal, Visa and MasterCard for these advance purchases.

The firmware used in Lockbox is compatible with:

1. Windows (7+)
2. Mac (10.9+)
3. Linux
4. Chrome

Blockchain Technology Helps Lockbox Dompete Directly Wiith Trezor And Keepkey

One thing to keep in mind is that the end user must still use Google Chrome or Chromium in conjunction with this application, just like the Ledger Nano app. Lockbox is designed to compete directly with Trezor and Keep key. Betting on Lockbox to be the next big player in the realm of hardware wallets, the company is banking on the increased level of security that is desired by today’s end users.

Source: Blockchain Launches Hardware Wallet By Jamie Redman on


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