Blueprint Gaming Limited Is The New Owner Of Games Warehouse Casino Software

Blueprint Gaming Limited Is The New Owner Of Games Warehouse Software

It is a good start for Blueprint Gaming Limited. This gaming developer from England is making steady strides in its gaming business. The developer is expanding its assets fast. As 2018 starts, Blueprint is announcing that it is now the proud owner of a firm. The firm is a new acquisition the gaming company buys from Harbour Group. The latter is an American company that owns Games Warehouse.

Blueprint, a subsidiary group of another big company, is making steps. In a press release, Blueprint says that by acquiring Games Warehouse, it is a significant step. The company now says that it will boost service delivery to its increasing client base. Blueprint Gaming is an extension of Gauselmann Group, a German gaming giant. In recent days, the subsidiary company is making headlines.

Blueprint Gaming Limited Is Taking Big Steps By Purchasing Games Warehouse

Clients’ reviews show that they are getting quality service. With the latest acquisition, it will improve delivery of service. The gaming company says that it will use the robust platform. Games Warehouse is also known for providing clients unparalleled products and services. Blueprint Gaming will continue to deliver high-quality games. The gaming giant will do so by making use of skill-with-prizes (SWP). Also, this is what Games Warehouse offers its clients. The blueprint will continue to use the platform.

Working From Their Offices In Derby

The eGaming company confirms one thing. It says that it will continue working from their offices in Derby. Matt Cole, the group’s Managing Director, says that he is pleased. What makes him content is that the deal is now complete. Cole is a happy man following reports that SWP offers excellent and robust service. Cole says that when two ‘big’ platforms meet to perform, the work is perfect. He maintains that because the deal is over, it is time for Blueprint Gaming to work. The company will continue to produce top-notch games.

Games Warehouse Is Working From St. Louis, Missouri

”We are confident that the fit will work very well. Now that we’re through with the acquisition, it’s time to deliver. Above all, this is what we want. We look forward to creating some innovative games together,” reads Cole’s statement. Games Warehouse is a gaming developer from St. Louis, Missouri. Harbour Group acquired this gaming developer back in 2005. Since the acquisition, the gaming developer is working from Louis, Missouri” href=””>St. Louis, Missouri.

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Blueprint Gaming With Take Over The SWP platform

The gaming company majors on creating gaming products fit for the online community. Their e-gaming prowess makes it easy for products to spread fast. For more than 12 years, Games Warehouse is creating mobile and retail gaming products. Some of the notable titles by this developer include Birdz, Gold Strike, and Wild Bandits. At first, Games Warehouse starts with the creation of SWP. Above all, this gets a good reception from clients. Site owners and punters request for more products under the SWP platform.

As such, the gaming company doesn’t hesitate. It continues to create a variety of games. The products come out with different unique features. Some of the features are nowhere else. This ability makes SWP a big thing. It also helps in the marketing of Games Warehouse. After building its name in St. Louis and the world, Games Warehouse is now a Blueprint Gaming property.

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