Caesars Begins To Charge Parking Fees For Some Gambling Clients

Caesars Casinos

Caesars Casinos

It is no longer free parking for clients who check in Caesars properties that are spread throughout Las Vegas. Thankfully, the abrupt change of how the gaming company will be handing her clients does not affect all her customers. Those that are mostly affected are visitors who come from outside the hosting state.

Early this week, Linq Hotel, one of the properties owned and operated by the Caesars Company announced that it has started to charge parking fees for visitors from outside Las Vegas Nevada.

The announcement also mentioned that plans are underway to ensure that the same program is started in Paris, Las Vegas and Caesars Palace on April 6 2017.

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Speaking of the new program, Caesars management said that the new move is aimed at staying at par with other gaming companies who have started the same project. Besides, this will help the gaming company to make real money online casino gambling sites the best and major way of creating wealth for the operator who pays a lot of tax to respective hosting municipalities.

Just recently, MGM decided to start charging some of the clients who parked their cars for a longer time on some of their facilities.

It is not clear whether this latest move by gaming companies to charge their client’s parking fees will have a negative impact to their business or not. Downtown Las Vegas Aims High As Nevada Casinos Record $1 Billion Revenue Collections.

It should be remembered that whether they set fixed charges or the amount one is charged to depend on the number of hours they stay within the premises that would have a profound effect on their revenue. However, no one has said of the repercussions.

It has emerged that some of the facilities have a flat rate while others have set their different rates. For instance, Linq Hotel charges her visitors a parking fee of $8 per night, the lowest parking fee so far.

According to a new circular that was out early this week, Paris Las Vegas, Bally’s and Caesars Palace, all Caesars properties, will be charging a fee of $10 for 24 hours. However, the same gaming facilities, as well as The Cromwell and Planet Hollywood, have a flat rate of $18 for valet.

In what has been seen by many as a ‘mild’ reason for introducing the new rule, Caesars says that their decision was not based on extorting money from clients. They claimed that they took the decision to salvage their loyal clients who come to do business with them but find it difficult to park because others from different states would have parked in advance only to walk to neighboring facilities. Others leave their cars to go and do shopping in nearby malls.

Nonetheless, visitors are not happy with the new demands.

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