Canada Election Betting Odds: Liberals And Conservatives Battle

Canada Election Betting Odds: Liberals And Conservatives Battle

Canadian elections are important. The people who vote decide what happens. Sometimes the people disagree about what should happen, but that is okay. It means that they can talk about it and learn more. To find out who will win the Canadian election, you should bet. The Liberal Party has a -300 chance of winning, and the Conservative Party has a +200 chance at BetOnline Sportsbook. The other three parties have much worse chances.

At -300, you have 75% of winning the election. At +200, you have 33% of winning the election. Read on for more information about Canadian elections and some of the things people can bet on to do with them.

Canada Election Betting Odds: Winning Party

Which Party Will Win The Federal Election?


August 17 September 16
Liberal Party -1400 -300
Conservative Party +550 +200
New Democratic Party +10000 +5000
Bloc Quebecois +25000 +50000
Green Party +25000 +50000
People’s Party of Canada +25000 +50000

Odds as of September 17 at BetOnline Sportsbook

The Conservative Party

The Conservative Party, led by lawyer and former member of the Canadian Armed Forces Erin O’Toole, has mostly led a campaign of attack ads and blame. They promise to “take back Canada” with these ads.

O’Toole likes the Conservative party. But, he thinks that maybe if they move a little to the left on some issues, they will win more elections.

Many left-leaning Canadians don’t want to vote for the Conservative Party because they believe that the Conservatives will put a law on vaccines and masks. That is not true. People can choose to be vaccinated or wear masks if they want to, and the Conservative Party doesn’t require its candidates to do those things.

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The Liberal Party

Justin Trudeau called for this election back in August. He did not want to wait until the next election. This is because there is a pandemic going on and he wants to do something about it while he still can.

Trudeau has not had a good campaign. People are protesting him and he is getting hurt by the protesters. They are mad about what he wants to do with vaccines and masks.

After the election, Trudeau’s advantage quickly went away. The Liberal Party’s odds dropped from -1400 to -300 in a month.

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has been in some political trouble lately. He is less popular than before and not doing as well as he used to.

Odds On Other Parties

Though none of the other major parties will win, they can help decide who does. Jagmeet Singh has polled as the most likeable of all the candidates. But even if people like him, it doesn’t seem like he will get many more seats. The NDP only won 24 seats in this election.

The Bloc Quebecois campaigns only in Quebec. They might get enough seats so that the other party cannot have a majority government. The Green Party and People’s Party of Canada will not win many seats, if any at all.

What Is The Best Bet? We Think Conservative Party (+200)

The latest polls show that the Conservatives and Liberals are about even. Neither of them will probably get enough seats to form a majority government.

So, at this time our best bet is to take the party with the most attractive odds that are realistic. Canada will end up with another minority government led by Trudeau’s Liberal Party, but people don’t make much money on those -300 odds.

Instead of selecting a party that might not have as good a chance, choose O’Toole’s Conservatives.

Canada Election Betting Odds: The Liberal Party Seats In The House

Currently, the odds are listed at OVER 145.5-115 and UNDER 145.5-115 evenly. As for the Conservative Party seats in The house, the over and under are both listed at 128.5 and -115.

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Canada Election Betting Odds: Liberals And Conservatives Battle
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Canada Election Betting Odds: Liberals And Conservatives Battle
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