Casino Bill In South Carolina Likely To Suffer Defeat

South Carolina Casinos Gambling

South Carolina Casinos Gambling

A casino bill introduced last month in South Carolina is likely to face the same fate that befell former First Lady Former and Secretary Of State Ms. Hillary Clinton.

The bill would have made it to becoming law only if it would have the necessary pillars, odds.

Todd Rutherford, the House Minority leader first drafted to bill in late 2016 but his efforts to bring it to the house for deliberations seems to be met with challenges due to little odds.

It is not surprising that South Carolina does not make a lot of real money online casino gambling sites development milestone.

For a long time, authorities in the state have not seen or pushed for legislations that would see it have gambling resorts.

The conservative state of South Carolina does not have tribal or commercial casinos, charitable gambling venue, pari-mutuel or any racetrack center.

Although there is a lottery in Palmetto State, it is not run by private entity. However, it is not only that lacks those essential social amenities in their municipalities. Three other three jurisdictions do not have gaming resorts within their territories.

According to Todd Rutherford, the Minority Leader and founder of House Bill 3102, asserts that the aim of taking his valuable time to come up with the bill is to push for the construction of at least 2 private gaming centers in the state.

On his Twitter account, Rutherford told the world how he feels about the future of gaming in South Carolina.

“Any serious leader should be thinking seriously on how to bring gaming complexes to our state. That way, we will be able to get the money needed to fix important development such as roads,” Todd wrote on his Twitter account last month.

Georgia banned all commercial gambling activities in the state. Because of that, people are forced to travel to long distances in order to quench their gaming thirst.

Many are said to travel as far as North Carolina especially to the Cherokee Indian gaming resorts along the Mountainous region of the Great Smokey.

The sad part on the progress of the bill is that there are currently slim odds that will allow it to sail through.

On whether the bill will make it far, the decision rests on the shoulders of the house, which is filled with a larger percentage of Republicans.

A larger section of adults in South Carolina are Christians or associate with Christianity. Nearly 35 percent out of about 78 percent are evangelicals, who are known to strongly oppose any form of gambling.

Coincidentally, Lindsey Graham, who is among the most powerful personalities in Congress, and a renowned online gambling critic, hails from South Carolina.

Like many other places across the U.S. South Carolina needs the money for her development projects, something Rutherford is pushing for.

Controversial Bill By Controversial Sponsor

From the start, many people see the bill as controversial as his founder. Todd is not new to controversy.

In 2007, Todd pushed for the removal of the Confederate flag from where it was initially erected, on the capital building. Eight years later, the flag was removed.

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