Students, Housewives Gambling At High Stake Tables, Casino Study

Casino Study Shows Students & Housewives Gambling At High Stakes Tables

A review of casino finances finds out that many students and housewives are gambling. These two categories of gamblers are not putting their money on small bets. The audit is pointing out that the two are placing their money on high stakes tables. The finding brings a heavy load on British Columbia’s Attorney General. David Eby is now wondering what else needs to take place. He feels that there is no scrutiny to determine who should gamble.

Why Are So Many Students & Housewives Gambling At High Stakes Tables?

What is more is that the Attorney says that it is now hard to know where the money comes from. In recent weeks, there are cries over the source of millions of dollars passing through BC’s facilities. To curb the vice, the province starts an audit. Now that the findings are out, it is the work of the AG to strike the way forward.

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The Casino Study Was Done At The River Rock Casino in Richmond

One casino that is in the study is River Rock Casino in Richmond. Finance auditors are looking into the mode in which money is coming in. To establish a clear pattern, they are asking the operator to provide documents. The most significant surprise is what the audit finds out. According to the Finance Audit Report, the people who are on the list is scaring. The report says all those in the list are housewives and students.

Gambling Your Money At High Stakes Tables

Remember this is a high stakes table. The kind of a person who should place money on this table is a high-profile personality. According to conventional rules, these are either business people or celebrities. They can also be real money professional gamblers. Many of them are in the record. Everyone knows them. They are in the news.

It is a great surprise to find that all those that gamble in this casino are students and housewives. Also, this begs the question, if indeed they are students and housewives, where does the money come from?

Casino Study Shows Students & Housewives Gambling At High Stakes Tables

The amount of money on these high-stake tables is much. The BC Attorney asks several questions. One of the questions is, who allows students to play. Where do the housewives get lots of money? Where are their spouses? Three years ago, in 2015, the ‘housewives’ category of players placed lots of money. In fact, the amount of money this group place in bets is $11.2 million.

housewife transacts more than $50, 000 in a bet

It is easy to read mischief here. A housewife transacts more than $50, 000 in a bet. There are many questions. In the end, 87 percent of these transactions are ‘unusual.’ British Columbia Attorney General says that it is a surprise. It is difficult to believe that these types of people without a source can gamble lots of money.

Will There Be More Casino Studies About High Stakes Table Gambling?

“There’s a remarkable thing about students and housewives. These are groups of people who don’t have any source of income. It’s incomprehensible to me why this does not result in a further probe. It is important that we know where these people get the money from. I mean there is no way a person without a job can gamble on the high-stakes table,” David Eby says. In 2017, River Rock Casino records 36 players on the high-rollers table sector. These 36 report to be ‘students’. In total, they bet $1.84 million. In fact, one ‘student’ places $565, 000 in the high stakes table.


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