Miami & Alabama Lose In College Football Playoff Betting Odds

College Football Playoff Betting Odds

Alabama and Miami are upset. College football betting is a hot thing this time. But for those who think things are always on their side, it is not. Intertops classic casino is the number one place to bet 2017 college football playoffs.

The dramatic events indicate different things. Both teams are now losers in the tournament. Those who want to place their money on the both of them will lose.

Tigers hammer Alabama 26-14. This latest win now moves the Tigers to position 4. It is for this performance that they are now in the College Football Playoffs.

See Why Miami & Alabama Lose In College Football Playoff Betting Odds

After the final whistle, players storm the field. They do this to show their joy. They are happy that their team will finally be in the playoffs.

Number 5 Auburn beat Crimson Tide that is number one 26-14. Pitt also comes on top of Hurricanes by beating them 24-14.

The teams are on the road. Nonetheless, they are receiving favors from the fan and odd makers. Miami is a 12-point selection. On the other hand, Alabama are the five-point pick.

But Nick Saban is not happy. This is the second time his side is not receiving favors. No favor is going beyond 10 points.

The team is a 7.5-point choice during the opening game. That is during this college football betting season. They are against Florida, but it comes out a clean win of 24-7.

Many people know that Miami was losing. The team is experiencing problems. For a long time, there are problems from home. The last two games are a win with four and five points.
College Football Playoff Betting Odds
Mark Richt, Miami’s coach is still optimistic. He doesn’t believe that college football is over. He is losing, but he still cannot believe. He is going home without the trophy.

“I’m still optimistic. I believe there is a lot of play for me. Nobody has the idea of what is going to happen shortly. Anything is possible,” Richt says.

Following last weekend’s fixtures, there are changes. There are now new standings. The following are the latest standings:

1. Clemson.
2. Oklahoma.
3. Wisconsin.
4. Auburn.
5. Alabama.
6. Georgia.
7. Miami.

College Football Playoff Betting Odds That Show Chaos

Before Thanksgiving, things were fine. Alabama was going to win. Sportsbooks indicated so. They give Alabama 3-1 favorite. Their dominance in the entire season enables this team to move to 4-7.

But that is not what the actual play shows. But something tells the assistant manager that things are not well. He decides to lower the odds to 4-1.

This new odd puts Alabama in another group. The team finds itself together with Clemson and Oklahoma.

This brings another revelation. This is the first time in this season for Crimson Tide is not the sole favorite.

Alabama wants to make history. But it is not possible. The team aims at making it to number 1. It wants it from preseason all the way to the final poll.

Florida State is the first team that has the history. That is back in 1999. Later in 2004, USC does it. It becomes the second team to do so. College football betting shocks many. Dramatic events happen.


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