COVID-19 Impacts On Global Social Casino Market

COVID-19 Impacts On Global Social Casino Market
There is little doubt that COVID-19 will have major impacts on many industries moving forward. Many will be negative and a few could actually be positive. The subject at hand in a recent Yahoo News report was the social casino market.

How Does COVID-19 Impact The Global Social Casino Market?

The report covers the market on a global scale. It also contains the time frame of four years: 2020 to 2024. The actual title of the printed report is: “Global Social Casino Market: Size and Forecast with Impact Analysis of COVID-19 (2020-2024 Edition)”

The current market and size of the social casino industry was used as the starting point. The market was broken down by:

  1. Value
  2. Segment
  3. Platform
  4. Region

The three main regions covered were North America, Asia and Europe. The report was designed to assess key opportunities. It also outlines any factors impacting the industry’s growth, both positive and negative.

The timeframe of 2020 to 2024 was used to identify future growth patterns derived from previous ones. The overall forecast was tied to this timeframe as well. It then identified current trends. These were then correlated to possible future trends.

A few of the primary social casino gaming companies tied to this report include:

  1. Caesars Entertainment
  2. International Game Technology (IGT)
  3. Scientific Games Corporation
  4. Zynga Inc.

The basic premise of social gaming is the ability to play for free. Social games are inspired by their real money casino counterparts. It could also be tied to gambling with virtual currency. There are no tangible losses or gains.

The industry consists of two different business models. The first is known as Up Front. The other is Free Game. This second model has also been called “freemium” or “free-to-play.”

The gaming verticals involved in social games cover slots, video poker, bingo and casino table games.

The industry has enjoyed stable growth over the past few years. The growth rate should remain healthy throughout the covered period (2020-2024). This poised growth rate should aide the industry during that four-year timeframe.

The escalation of mobile devices is a key growth factor. This should provide a positive growth driver on a global scale. This should also be a surge in gaming traffic through smartphone use. Other important growth factors include the rising global population and increased internet market penetration.

The potential impacts on this growth are varied. Government regulation, restricted internet access, and poor connectivity top the list.

There are a number of key topics covered across this entire report. It starts with an executive summary of the topic at hand. This includes a total gaming industry overview.

The global market analysis covers the industry based on each of the four categories mentioned above. To recap, they are value, segment, platform, and region.

There is an entire stand-alone segment breaking down the impact of COVID-19. This includes the global social casino market as a whole. Another interesting segment is social casino apps in the US market.

• Source: Worldwide Social Casino Industry to 2024 – Featuring Zynga & International Game Technology Among Others From On September 25, 2020.


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