Will Denver Colorado Be The Next US Sports Betting Hub?

Will Denver Colorado Be The Next US Sports Betting Hub

Will Denver Colorado Be The Next US Sports Betting Hub

Tipico, a sportsbook operator based in Germany, is about to gain a firm foothold in the state of Colorado. On Thursday, the company’s mobile sports betting app went live in the Centennial State. In addition, Tipico announced its plans to make further investments in regards to gambling in Colorado.

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The Launch of the New Mobile Sports Betting App

As the sports betting app gained approval from the Colorado Division of Gaming, the state became the second major market for Tipico in the US. Back in December, the German company set up the operation in New Jersey. Now, they’re partnering with Century Casinos to bring their sports betting services to Denver and the rest of Colorado. This is supposed to be just another step in the operator’s US expansion. The plan is to bring their gaming technology platform into 15 more states. According to the company, their platform offers numerous benefits for the bettors. These advantages include a single log-in and virtual wallet that customers can access from any state where the app is available.

The CEO of Tipico US, Adrian Vella, stated that the company is excited to add to its presence in the American market. By adding new features for online sports bettors, Tipico continues to elevate the betting experience and attract new users. According to Vella, this is the basis of Tipico’s business and development philosophy. He added that they’re proud to be able to demonstrate their capabilities in the new market.

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Plans for a Technology Hub in Denver

Simultaneously with the launch of the new app, Tipico held a presentation in front of the Colorado Economic Development Commission. It concerned a potential further investment by the German company in the state. Tipico is considering setting up a technology hub in Denver. If the proposal goes through it would bring additional 440 jobs to the city. The job opportunities will also come with more than decent salaries, with an expected average of more than $96,000.

According to Tipico senior executives, Denver is currently leading the race to land the project. Other noteworthy candidates are Dallas and Atlanta. To tilt the scales to their side, the commission has approved up to $7.5 million worth of tax incentives over the next 8 years should the company create 441 new jobs in Colorado.

If the proposal goes through, Denver is set to become a major sports betting technology hub in the US. PointsBet, an Australia-based sportsbook, has already set up a part of their operations in the city two years ago.

Tipico Partnering Up with Gannet

As a part of their US expansion, Tipico announced the partnership with Gannet. The German company will provide the exclusive iGaming and sports betting services for one of the largest media conglomerates in the US. Tipico’s odds will be published in printed publications and online sites belonging to the Gannet. The deal also includes free-to-play games across the Gannet network.

As a part of the agreement, Gannet will purchase almost 5,000 shares in Tipico US. Also, the deal involves more than $90 million in advertisement purchases. This should significantly increase Tipico’s presence and raise its profile in the US betting market. The project rollout is expected before the start of the NFL season.

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