Slots Capital & Desert Nights Casinos Are Ready To Launch Rivals New Wishing Cup Slot

slots capital casino wishing cup slot

Slots Capital & Desert Nights Casinos Are Ready To Launch Rivals New Wishing Cup Slot

Rival Gaming Software has announced that they are releasing a brand new video slot before the end of the year. The all-new 25-Line, 5-Reel Slot “Wishing Cup” slot will be available at Slots Capital and Desert Nights instant play and mobile casinos. The official release date is December 5, 2016. Make sure that you have a Desert Nights or a Slots Capital login account by clicking through one of our links and our banners to claim your exclusive bonus promotion.

The New Wishing Cup, Is This A Good Game?

Before we tell you about the all-new 25-Line, 5-Reel Slot “Wishing Cup slot machine” we want to let you know that there are amazing daily bonuses at both online casinos this month. We will include the calendars for you to see exactly what the daily bonuses are at each of the gambling sites.

slots capital casino wishing cup slot


Now we are going to tell you about Tutankhamun, the child Pharaoh of Egypt, lived a very short life passing away at 19. He plays a vital role in the wishing cup slot machine because the tomb of Tutankhamun was forgotten and his name forgotten for more than three thousand years.

The Valley Of The Kings discovered the tomb in 1922. King Tut quickly became one of the world’s most well-known Pharaohs. When King Tut looked inside the Tomb he saw that the tomb was shaped like a lotus in full bloom and it was an alabaster chalice. He named the tomb the “Wishing Cup”.

As you spin the reels of this 5 reels 25 payline slot machine you will see that the chalice symbolizes the eternal life and rebirth of King Tut. The Wishing Cup icon is very important to make sure you focus on it. When you land at least one of the Wishing Cup symbols you will be able to watch King Tut be reborn from within the chalice.
slots capital casino advent calendar

Wishing Cub Tomb

It is an excellent feature because after you see him being reborn you can watch him rise upwards and create wild symbols giving you wins and free spins. Eventually, the Wishing Cup tomb will become lightened up. As you play the game you can see 1000’s of glorious treasures plus wondrous artifacts untouched by time.

These are all represented by symbols in the game and lead to wins, free spins, and other features. The game comes with Directionally Expanding Wilds, Free Spins continuously Expanding Wild and a Secret Passage Icon!

Directionally Expanding Wild Symbols

Indeed, there are plenty of other symbols. When you spin the reels, look for a golden ankh. Also, you will see a crook & flail. If those symbols don’t strike your fancy, daggers made of gold may. Furthermore, the scarab bracelet plus his meteorite pay well. Remember. the mummy of the king encases in a golden sarcophagus with his famous mask. Murals and inscriptions within the tomb describe the transition to the afterlife and references to the Gods Horus, Anubis, and Osiris.

Well, give yourself a boost. If you want, sign up for Slots Capital. If you want, make a Desert Nights casino deposit this December 2016. You can build up your betting bankroll with the help of the generous bonuses you can claim this month.

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