A Brief History Of Slot Machines

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A Brief History Of The Electronic Casino Gambling Machines

Are you ready to learn about the history of slot machines? In 1891, Sittman and Pitt develop the first gaming machines In Brooklyn. Their first creation contains five drums that hold fifty playing cards. While gambling is illegal, people start to play this slot machine and it gains popularity.

In the beginning, bettors insert coins like pennies and nickels. After that, the pull on an actual lever. Ultimately, the lever spins the drums and the poker player cards spin and randomly create a different combination. Back then, the device did not pay out. In order to get paid, the bar gives people free liquor, cigars who win at the game.

Payouts Come In The Form Of Cigars And Drinks

Before online casinos and Las Vegas existed, Charles Fey invents the first gambling machine. In 1895, Charles Fey developer The “Horseshoe”, which is a modern slot machine. However, it stumbles upon many problems like putting a coin inside the device. As a result, in 1897, he invents “The Liberty Bell”, which consists of three reels and a bar symbol.

History Of Slot Machines

Before we get into the history of slot machines, we want to give you an overview. In Canadian and American English, people refer to slots as a slot machine, while in The United Kingdom(Great Britain), folks refer to them as a fruit machine. In contrast, in Scotland, gamblers refer to them as a puggy or puggies. Having said that, as you travel around the world, the name doesn’t change that much. However, in New Zealand and Australia, the bettors refer to them as pokies or a pokie machine.

Additionally, people around the world refer to slot machines are one-armed bandits. Ultimately, the received this nickname because of the level you pull on the side, which is different than others that have a front panel button. In addition to that, slot machines begin to leave people with no money. As a result, people start to call them bandits as if they are thieves.

Discover The Horseshoe And The Liberty Bell

Have you ever heard of the “Liberty Bell” machines? These were the first type of slot game that was invented by Charles Fey all the way back in 1895. Charles Fey was a German immigrant that was living in San Francisco California. The casino gambling machine that he invented has a jackpot symbol that was a liberty bell, hence the name Liberty Bell Slots” .

Learn About The History Of Gambling In The United States Of America

Charles Fey did some marketing, but there were laws passed in California and the United States that deemed them illegal because of the liberty bell symbol. He decided to change his approach and use different icons like fruits, prizes, bubble gum and chewing gum.

While he developed the fruit machine classic slots, they were still illegal to play in the state of California. The US state of Nevada passed a law that allowed its residents to participate in casino gambling. Charles Fey’s fruit slots started to become popular, and other manufacturers began to develop different types of machines.

The Liberty Bell Slot Machine Becomes Popular

When the first land casinos opened in Las Vegas Nevada, there were only a few types of slots to play for real money. There were only games with three reels that were mechanical types of slot games with small fixed coin jackpots. About a decade later after the second world war, the games began to become more and more familiar, and Nevada residents started to see new types of slot games.

Many years passed until the International Game Technology (IGT) company created the first electronic gaming machine that launched the “slot machine boom” in 1979. Within two years the folks at the International Game Technology (IGT) company were producing games that offered random number generators (RNGs).

Big Slot Machine Developers Invent Video Slots With More Symbols And Pay Lines

The random number generators allowed them to create games that had more reels and pay lines and ultimately give the players bigger jackpots to win.

Play USA Casino Slots Real Money

During the 1980’s the International Game Technology (IGT) company started to raise their own standards and created progressive jackpots.

The land casino owners In Las Vegas Nevada realized that the EGMs could give them much better odds than table games. The evolution of the electronic casino gambling machine did not stop with progressive jackpots as more new games started to be released. By the ends of the century in the 1990s when the Internet started.


International Game Technology (IGT) company begun to produce games like “The Wheel Of Fortune Slots” and other even more entertaining games like MegaBucks.

The casino gambling establishments in Las Vegas Nevada and Atlantic City New Jersey were starting to get in the news for the grandiose million-dollar progressive jackpots they offered for the new games like MegaBucks and the Wheel Of Fortune.

Casino Revenue Increases

Indeed, This change brings in significant revenue to the casinos. As a result, their players start winning these life-changing progressive jackpots. Sometimes, they win big from playing the Wheel of Fortune. However, there are many more video slots. For example, MegaBucks and many other games that were inspired by the entertainment industry. It was not long after the new nickel slots established by the International Game Technology (IGT) company in the 1990’s that the Internet was born. Online casinos start to come out the same games plus many other new games as new software providers like Microgaming started producing their online slots to play for real money on the Internet.

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