After Last Week’s ReKT Global Acquisition, Rouge Is Even Stronger

Las Vegas ESports Betting News | ReKT Global Acquisition

There are a few things in this world that live to their names. It is true that many entrepreneurs look for many things when choosing a name. Unfortunately, a good name can be nothing if the business does not bring in the fame, and the money. But there is something new in Las Vegas. Esports wagering is not new terminology. Many people make a healthy living here. There are professional gamblers who place thousands of dollars predicting various games. These professional punters get millions of dollars in return. Also, this is if they are lucky. But for now, Rogue is taking eSports betting to a different level in Nevada. Check out the Match 6| TEAM SOLOMID vs. ROGUE | Vainglory Mobile Masters Las Vegas 2017 video.

Why Is ReKT Global Acquisition The Latest ESports Betting News?

The team does not get a warm welcome in Nevada alone. Things are the same when the team arrives in China. In fact, it is in China that this team gets the best. Derek Nelson, the CEO, and co-founder of Rogue, says that things are different when they visit China. Derek tells Las Vegas Review-Journal that everything changes when the team is in China. “When they go to China, they have screaming fans with Rogue jerseys and signs. Most of our big tournaments, they pay for hotel accommodation, they’ll pay appearance fees, they’ll pay prize winnings,” Nelson says.

Esports betting in Las Vegas

The team is becoming rogue that it is attracting celebrity DJ and gaming enthusiast to buy some of the team’s shares. Because of this, Aoki is now the co-owner. The new co-owner is vowing to make Rogue the next big thing in Nevada. Although he is making good vows, many people believe that Rogue is already popular. Esports betting in Las Vegas is bringing a lot of revenue to the state. Besides, many punters wake up and sleep thinking about this sector that contributes to the major projects.

ReKT Global Acquires Rouge

It is last week when ReKT Global, the infrastructure entity acquires Rogue. Above all, this places the team at par with several other teams. Additionally, it elevates individual players. Thanks to the acquisition, although nobody knows the amount, players are now international. The individual fat players can now go international is a big thing. Remember that in as much as a player is right, they can’t play. The only time a player can do so is if the team can afford the buy-ins.

But the CEO says that irrespective of everything, they can pull the team anyway. He is speaking of the various tournaments they can take the team to. “They are the best players in the world. We have to pay them at the top of the industry standard. We are just betting that it will all work out,” says Nelson.
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Las Vegas ESports Betting News | ReKT Global Acquisition

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New Boosts

Luxor in Las Vegas is opening a new space in March. Above all, this is a space that is dedicated to eSports in Nevada. Of course, there are much more on the pipeline. But this debut eSports arena will mark the start of good things. Las Vegas facilities are saying that eSports betting is profitable. But there is one thing that only a few know. All the money that the operators call profit comes from the sale of food as well as drinks.

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