Bitcoin Rocks In 2017, Will Ethereum Will Soar In 2018

Video: Bitcoin Soared In 2017 | Will Ethereum Will Soar In 2018?

Will Ethereum Be The Next Digital Currency To Soar In 2018? Are Zcash, BTC Cash, Monero Dash, Ripple, Litecoin, And Dogecoin The Next Winners? The past 12 months are the best for the Bitcoin. The Cryptocurrency investors are the happiest at the moment. As we cross over to the next year, a lot more is in the air. Several people will be investing in digital money. That is likely to affect how some of the digital coins perform. Experts are now warning that there will be tremendous changes. The world will witness a powerful surge in digital money. If you are an investor, continue doing your thing. Go on with your mining. There will come a time you will sit down to enjoy. Are you new to digital currency like Ethereum or BTC? Watch the video below.

Bitcoin Soars In 2017, Will Ethereum Be The Next Digital Currency To Soar In 2018?

For now, you only need to continue mining. But there is something experts warn. They now say that things will not only be good for the bitcoin. Experts agree that the bitcoin will continue to perform. But it will not be the only coin that will be on the market. There are many more others. Ethereum is one of the digital currencies that will see a surge. In fact, it will be the talk of 2018. It will emulate what the bitcoin is doing in 2017. How relevant are these allegations?

The Next Digital Currency to reach or beat the BTC in 2018?

There is something that will make the BTC a less interesting coin. The fact that the protocols remain, it will be difficult for many people to contend. It is true that the value is bigger than other digital currencies. But that does not mean others will not reach there. Ethereum is likely to reach or beat the BTC in 2018.

The possible reason for this is bitcoin’s high fees, and slow transaction. Other digital coins have meager fees. Their transactions are super fast. It is true that there’s no shortage of old and new believers. Some people keep the party going. But it is also true that there are plenty of developers. These developers are working tirelessly to create better versions of bitcoin. The year ahead will bring much better and flexible alternatives.

Why Ethereum?

Ethereum is not like bitcoin or any other altcoin. Also, Ethereum uses a system like Mac OS or Windows. Because of this ability, many people are creating thousands of Ethereum apps each day. It does not depend on the Blockchain.

Video: Bitcoin Soared In 2017 | Will Ethereum Will Soar In 2018?
You can then imagine how widespread that will be. One expert says that it will be a big thing. “It feels like the internet boom in 2000. Thousands of new companies are sprouting up with highly innovative business models. Most of them work towards bleeding-edge compliance with the regulation. Also, This gives birth to new methods to finance them. Most, like Webvan and, will fail. But some will be the next big thing the likes of Amazon, Google, or eBay of the blockchain generation,” says Jez San, CEO of FunFair Technologies.

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In 2017, the price of the bitcoin surges from as low as $997 in January to hit a new mark of $20, 000. While it doesn’t stay at its original peak for more than 6 hours, it is still high. As the world enters another year, there’ll be significant changes.

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