Video: Europe Is Bursting The Bitcoin Bubble?

Europe Is Set To Have Their Bitcoin Bubble Burst?

Is Europe Is Set To Have Their Bitcoin Bubble Burst? Financial watchdogs in Europe are on the watch out. These regulators are looking at the steps the Bitcoin is making. It is easy to believe if you know that they are watching this time. But the fact is that regulators in Europe are watching the digital coin since it starts. We cannot take you back to where it starts. Above all, this will make way back to 2009. Also, this is the year this digital coin is born. Watch The 2018 Cryptocurrency and Gold Predictions video.


Is Europe Is Set To Have Their Bitcoin Bubble Burst?

For now, we want to put our focus on 2017/2018. Also, this will give us ample time to evaluate the bubble surrounding the coin. First, at the start of the year, Bitcoin is at $1, 000. During the first quarter of 2017, many people are seeing the sense of investing. Those who can buy this traditional digital coin do so. In fact, some predict that at some point, it will hit $10, 000. Going with this conviction, they buy as many digital coins as they can.

Many People Feel It Is A Scam

Still, the number of those investing in cryptocurrency is not much. There are those who feel it is a scam. Others do not even know if the coin is worth investing. For this reason, the number of investors is still low. But the price of this red-hot coin continues to grow. Many people are getting the knowledge. Many exchange parlors run advertisements. The aim is for people to open accounts.

Mainstream Media Spreads The News

The mainstream media plays a significant role in spreading the news. You can tell the number of people gets the news. With a substantial amount of people getting the news, they take action. These people start investing. Others begin to mine this red-hot coin. What is the result? There is a massive improvement! A lot of people start to invest in the coin. What is more, important financial institutions approve the use of the coin. Even some countries allow residents to purchase the coin using the central currency.

The $20,000 Surge During Thanksgiving

With this incredible support, the price of the bitcoin surges. The coin that is $1, 000 at the beginning of 2017, shoots to a $20, 000 on Thanksgiving Day. As the price of the traditional cryptocurrency grows, other altcoins like Dogecoin, Litecoin, BTC Cash, Ethereum and Ripple also grow. This growth makes it easy and fast for people to exchange.
Europe Is Set To Have Their Bitcoin Bubble Burst?
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Financial experts and regulators in Europe are watching

While all these are going on, financial experts and regulators in Europe are watching. Now it is time for action. After watching for a long time, regulators in Europe are warning potential investors. Policymakers are now saying that there is a possible bubble. These regulators are now saying that it is time investors to trade with caution.

On Friday, the price of this traditional digital coin is $11, 841. This rate is better, fair but at the same time low. First, it is reasonable than where it was 5 or so days ago. The price shrinks to $9, 199 on Wednesday last week. By recording this figure, it is the lowest since November.

Will There Be A Bitcoin Boom Or Bust In Europe?

But it is better than what it was 12 months ago. The coin trades at $1, 000 at the start of 2017. More than 12 months later, the price is $10, 000 more! But it is low. The price of the bitcoin hits $20, 000 in December 2017. When it reaches its all-time highest, many people feel it is going up even more. Sadly, the coin shrinks back to $18, 000 24 hours later. Since then, it is going down. After hitting below $10, 000 last week, it is starting to rise again.

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