Azov-City Casino Operators Ask Russian President Vladimir Putin A Favor?

Casino operators from Azov-City in Russia are pleading with The Russian President Vladimir Putin to reconsider his plans to liquidate seemingly fledgling casino industry in the area. In an open letter to the president, with several excerpts appearing in the Betting Business Russia journal on Wednesday, casino operators from the area are crying to the president asking him not to take his planned stern action. It is a pity to casino operators in Azov-City that they cannot make real money casinos for a long time because Moscow has given them an ultimatum.

In fact, casino operators in Azov-City have been told to make their plans to ensure that they shut down gaming facilities in their zone by January 1, 2019. This move is aimed at giving way to the construction of a new gambling z0ne in Sochi.

It should be remembered that in 2009, Russia started a crackdown that saw the shutting down of several gaming facilities including nightclubs, slot parlors, and casinos in a bid to take control over them. All this was done in major Russian cities, which resulted in gaming operators looking for other favorable markets outside those cities.

Coincidentally, the regions where operators sought refuge were Kaliningrad that is on the coast of the Baltic Sea, Altai in Siberia, Primorye that is next to Vladivostok, a Pacific port, and Azov City in the Krasnodar. Following their ‘expulsion from the big cities, operators have been struggling since 2009 to see if they can make real money casino in areas they were exiled to.

Did The Azov-City Casino Operators Get What They Needed From Russian President Vladimir Putin?

But now the Russian government has again threatened to completely shut down all the three casinos that are in Azov City prompting operators to ask President Putin to reconsider his ‘seemingly’ predetermined decision. For eight years since 2009, casinos at Azov-City, one of the ideal places casino operators were sent to have struggled to attract clients to their Russia Casinos.
Azov-City Casino Operators Ask Russian President Vladimir Putin A Favor?
When they are trying to catch up with the fledgling market, Moscow has issued a directive that is likely to affect many businesses apart from gaming facilities. But there are other things the government is looking at. According to one market observer in Russia, he says that Moscow is looking at the way it can capitalize on what Sochi has become.

It should be remembered that the city only came into the picture after the 2014 Winter Olympics, and since then, it has risen into an international tourist attraction. Besides, Sochi has been slated to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup, something Moscow will not stop at capitalizing until it gets the best of it.

For this reason, Sochi’s debut casino resort, the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix was opened in January 2017. On that letter to the president, Smolentsev told Putin, “I’m sure you do not want more than 2,000 Russian citizens to lose their jobs, and the budget to lose 400 million rubles in taxes,” Smolentsev wrote in his letter to Putin. “I am convinced that you do not need a social implosion in the Krasnodar Territory, impoverishment and bankruptcy of thousands of families.” However, in what seems like a quick rejoinder, Russian authorities say that the three facilities in Azov will be compensated.

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Azov-City Casino Operators Ask Russian President Vladimir Putin A Favor?
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Azov-City Casino Operators Ask Russian President Vladimir Putin A Favor?
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Azov-City Casino Operators Ask Vladimir Putin A Favor? Mr. President, Kindly Do Not Liquidate Our Casino Sector, Azov-City Casino Operators Tell Vladimir Putin.
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