French Lick Casino Player Wins Almost 700K After Betting $1

French Lick Casino Player Wins Almost 700K After Betting $1

French Lick Casino Player Wins Almost 700K After Betting $1

One of the players at the French Lick Casino will remember the last Sunday as long as he lives. The lucky customer left the casino with a life-changing prize in his pockets. The player in question won the biggest jackpot in French Lick’s history. The big payout that went to the southern Indiana resident was worth almost $700,000.

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The Historic Jackpot

The precise amount of the jackpot is a staggering $690,623. The best part of the story is that the lucky player won all this money after betting only $1. He was playing the Wild Party slot machine when the incredible jackpot hit.

In 16 years the French Lick Casino has existed, this is, by far, the largest prize yet. So far, they haven’t had a chance to deliver an award this big. It’s almost three times bigger than the biggest previously recorded jackpot. . The former record-holder struck gold way back in 2016, The winning jackpot was worth $265,880.

French Lick Casino

A Big Day for the French Lick Casino

Besides the lucky winner, the huge payout got everyone at the casino excited, too. It’s not every day that casinos in Indiana see the winning this big. Particularly at the privately-owned casinos. The Director of Slots, Jeff Whereatt, admitted that it really is a big deal for this establishment.

He added that in these parts of the country, they don’t see jackpots or progressives this huge. It may be a more common occurrence in Vegas, where they often have multiple connected properties contributing to the progressive jackpots. But, Indiana, this is a big thing and a rare treat for local casino players.

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Whereatt also said that the buzz created with the record jackpot is good for the casino. He added that they’re happy to finally have a player win a life-changing amount of money.

Everyone at the casino is excited to see how far up will the jackpot go next time. In the meantime, the Wild Party slot machine will keep its place on the casino floor as long as the visitors enjoy playing it.

The progressive jackpot won last Sunday has been growing since 2019. The highest recorded award on the Wild Party slot so far was $256,000.

However, as the jackpot grew and word of mouth spread, the Wild Party gained popularity and it was only a question of time when someone is going to hit big. According to the casino, the prize on jackpot in this slot is now reset with the new starting payout of $136,000.

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Lucky Winner Revealed

Initially, the casino only revealed that the winner is a holder of the French Lick Rewards card. In their social media post, they also noted that the winners’ name is Andrew. Any additional information was withheld to protect the player’s privacy.

However, a man named Andrew Bennington responded to the casino’s post to thank everyone for their congratulations.

Andrew also said that the whole thing still feels like a dream. According to his profile, Andrew Bennington is a resident of Washington, Indiana where he lives with his wife Mary.

Source: Indiana man wins nearly $700K on $1 bet at French Lick Casino.

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