Regulated Industries Committee Debates On Georgia’s Casino Bill

Georgia Casinos

Georgia Casinos
After days following its introduction, Georgia’s casino bill finally got its deliberation with the public on Thursday.

The day started well for the bill as Regulated Industries Committee (RIC) sat to deliberate on what might change the future of gambling across Georgia.

It should be noted that Brandon Beach, the senator, is pressing hard through his bill, to see the legalization of at least two gaming facilities in the state. If his quest for the legalization finally sails through, observers say, it will change how Georgia makes real money casino betting sites forever.

According to Beach, if Georgia wants to compete with other states that have allowed gambling within their territories, then Atlanta, especially downtown needs to embrace gambling.

In order to achieve this, Beach says that land-based or online gaming facilities must be developed. This way, he asserts, “We’ll make downtown Atlanta to be more fun and lively. It’ll also be possible to compete with other states in this convention business.”

However, a section of Baptist ministers are not quite sure whether Atlanta can be made more lively and fun by simply legalizing gaming facilities.

Although preliminary reports show that the bill is receiving supports from a majority of members, the presence of Baptist preachers, who are conventionally known to speak ill of gambling might hinder the progress of the bill.

Constitution, an Atlanta journal, remarks that the presence of those preachers is scaring.

“The bill might perform better. However, the large number of preachers, the Baptists, is itself worrying. With their presence in the room, chances are that the bill will face stiff challenges ahead,” reports the journal Constitution.

If the bill finally sails through thus legalize the operation of at least two casinos that will mean that the first gaming complex will be constructed in Metro Atlanta. The other gaming resort will be given to a seemingly smaller city, with Columbus or Savannah being the possible locations. See how Georgia Voters Want Casino Gambling Legalized, Constitution Poll over here.

However, before they are accorded construction licenses, developers will be needed to guarantee respective municipalities that they are willing to put in place $2 billion worthy of development in Atlanta’s Metro and at least $450 million for the other casino in either Columbus or Savannah.

Many people who have looked at the bill’s details say it is palatable. Lawmakers won’t find it as difficult as they did in the past when dealing with casino bills in Georgia.

Atlanta Downtown Needs To Be Lively

According to a recent study, visitors who came to Atlanta confirmed that they might not come back because the downtown area is ‘dull’. According to them, the entire area does not have any entertainment resort for nightlife.

In agreement with the survey, Senator Butch Miller said that in convention business, Atlanta competes with Las Vegas, Chicago, San Diego, New, Orleans, and Nashville. He however, said that each of those areas have their distinct downtown experience.

On the other hand, the president of local business organizations, AJ Robinson did not concur with Miller and others who agreed that the construction of casinos would mean anything to downtown Atlanta’s tourism.

Robinson said, “A study, which we commissioned recently, found out that much of the revenue collected in our casinos, actually comes from within, our own people, not from tourists.”

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