Giant Casino Guitar Strums a Few Bad Chords with Florida Locals

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Giant Casino Guitar Strums a Few Bad Chords with Florida Locals
More than a few land-based casino hotel and resorts have relied on larger-than-life iconic statures to draw the betting public’s attention to their real money gambling venue. Las Vegas built itself into the undisputed casino gambling capital of the world with its famous Strip that offers any number of oversized statues to attract the masses from the Eiffel Tower to an Egyptian Spynx.

A new casino and resort renovation being built by one of the biggest players in the casino industry. It catches some attention both good and bad in the Hollywood region of South Florida, north of Miami. by and local news affiliate 4 CBS Miami reports this news. Ultimately, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has decided to take upgrade the iconic guitar statue. Furthermore, they are taking the guitar statue to a whole new level. As a result, they construct a 450-foot building.

The Hard Rock Cafe’s Giant Casino Guitar StrumingBad Chords with Florida Locals, Why?

Hard Rock has always used a large guitar structure as part of the design scheme. in its casino properties before, but this latest six-string structure has caught the attention of local residents in light of its overall size that is guaranteed to dominate this part of the Hollywood skyline at its present size.

Most importantly, The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel does a complete overhaul of the guitar tower. However, there are negative reactions. Furthermore, some folks feel the new design is ugly. Also, they feel the massive size can distract drivers going past the property. Also, reporters record initial complaints. First of all, the report mentions a title=”South Florida” href=””> South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Hollywood Commissioner Peter Hernandez Feels They Are Cool And Iconic?

Interestingly, one local resident has a different point of view. First of all, The Hollywood Commissioner Peter Hernandez goes on record. He calls the new hotel tower, “cool’ and “iconic”. After that, it appears is happy people can see the giant guitar from miles away.

Hard Rock has shown little to no sign that it might consider holding back on promoting its latest casino resort offering, which is scheduled to open to the public in the fall of 2019. Preliminary plans call for 12 beams of light projected up into the sky to make the neck of the guitar tower appear to be longer than it already is. If these plans go according to schedule with no outside interference from any local government officials, the beams of light will be able to be seen as far away as Miami Beach to the South and Boca Raton to the north.

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Offering Full-Service Luxury Accommodations

You will find the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood. This full-service resort offers luxury accommodations. Also, they offer a wide array of dining and entertainment options anchored by the iconic Hard Rock Cafe along with an expansive casino gambling floor with slots, other video gaming devices and a full complement of the most popular live dealer table games. Staying true to Hard Rock’s other land-based casino gambling venues, there is also a full schedule of concerts and shows on a year-round basis. There is also an onsite pool and spa to round out the whole resort experience.

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Giant Casino Guitar Strums a Few Bad Chords with Florida Locals
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Giant Casino Guitar Strums a Few Bad Chords with Florida Locals
Hollywood Commissioner Peter Hernandez Feels They Are Cool And Iconic, So Why Is Giant Casino Guitar Strums a Few Bad Chords with Florida Locals?
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