Discover Hidden Treasures & Rewards As Microgaming & Fortune Factory Studios Take Players On An Adventure

Discover Hidden Treasures & Rewards As Microgaming & Fortune Factory Studios Take Players On An Adventure

Discover Hidden Treasures & Rewards As Microgaming & Fortune Factory Studios Take Players On An Adventure
As one of the most innovative gaming software development companies in the world, Microgaming appreciates a winning brand. That is why the company was thrilled to announce an extended licensing agreement for the Tarzan brand. The original agreement was with Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. Furthermore, Creative Licensing Corporation brokers the new deal. The plan is to produce a new Tarzan branded online slot machine. However, Fortune Factory Studios may play a part in producing these new titles.

The Original Tarzan Brand Goes Back Before Microgaming To 2016

The original agreement for this brand goes back to 2016. Given the overall success over the past three years, a renewal seemed likely. That branded relationship proved to be profitable for all parties involved. Indeed, Microgaming is no stranger to making good partnerships. Over the past few years, they have teamed up with Switch Studios to produce European Blackjack. Also, they team up with 888 Casino to make live dealer table games.

The new agreement calls for a second branded Tarzan title. The game will be distributed to customers through the company’s usual channels. Microgaming will turn to Fortune Factory Studios as the official game design partner. Moreover, this is an independent studio that has provided some excellent innovative content in the past.

Microgaming Teams Up With Fortune Factory Take Players On New Pursuits for Hidden Treasures And Rewards.

As an enhancement to the Tarzan game theme, the setting will take place in his legendary jungle. The game’s hero will take players on a new pursuit for hidden treasures and rewards. The inspiration will once again come from Edgar Rice Burroughs himself. He is the renowned author of several novels surrounding Tarzan’s fantastic adventures. The theme will also play heavy off Microgaming’s first Tarzan slot release. The new slot game will be designed from scratch. This is to ensure a completely unique look and feel. The central character will play a prominent role in the sequel.

The design will focus on the following elements:

  1. High-Energy Action
  2. Captivating Animations
  3. Thrilling Gameplay Features
  4. A Distinctive Audio Soundtrack

Tarzan was one of the most filmed characters in the history of entertainment and movies. He has been the central subject in 52 different film productions. This includes animated movies. You can add seven different television series to this list. He was even featured on stage in two Broadway productions. The list of Tarzan publications numbers in the thousands. His overall popularity as resulted in any number of licensed products.

The new Tarzan slot was one of the featured Microgaming products unveiled at ICE London 2020. James Sullos is the President of Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. He commented on the renewal as follows:

“Our extended deal with Microgaming will see the creation and launch of a new Tarzan game. Which we are confident will build on the character’s successful first outing with the renowned supplier. We look forward to working with Microgaming and we are excited to see the game come to fruition.”

Also weighing in on the new Tarzan slot game was Jean-Luc Ferriere. This is the Chief Commercial Officer for Microgaming. Those comments were:

“We are excited to extend our brand partnership with Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc to create the next iteration of Tarzan, a timeless character and brand with worldwide appeal. The upcoming game from Fortune Factory Studios will be one of several branded slots to launch on Microgaming’s platform this year.”

• Source: On January 30, 2020.


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